EastEnders fans react to ‘bizarre’ moment as they spot two Corrie stars in soap


Corrie ‘s Maria and Tracy’s public row has gone viral and made its way to Walford

EastEnders fans went wild after they spotted two Coronation Street stars in the soap.

This week soap watchers have noticed various characters from their rival programmes appearing in scenes thanks to their ‘viral’ videos.

It comes as EastEnders, Corrie and their fellow long-running dramas joined forces to deliver an important message in the same week as world leaders meet to discuss the climate crisis at the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

On Monday night, Corrie viewers watched as Maria Windass and Tracy Barlow were involved in a public row over the pollution in Weatherfield.

Maria was speaking to a journalist from the Weatherfield Gazette to try and stop a bypass being built which would destroy the Red Rec.

But as she tried to film for the newspaper, Tracy parked her van in the back of shot hoping to get some promo for her florists.

The pair then got into an argument with Maria raging that the street was being ruined and feared for son Liam’s future as he was recently told he had asthma after collapsing in the street.

The row was caught on camera by Kirsty the journalist and managed to find its way to Tiffany Butcher in Walford.

As Tiffany sat in Whitney’s living room, she showed her the video on her phone and said: “Have you see what this mum from Weatherfield is doing for her little boy with asthma?

Whitney then looked over and said: “Yeah, that’s amazing.”

“I tell you, environmental stuff is buzzing right now,” Tiffany replied. “You know Bailey? Her vegan chat has gone viral!”

Tiffany continued to be engrossed by the video and laughed: “This turns into such a barney!”

And fans were actually loving the crossover.

“Tiffany watching Maria from @itvcorrie omg this crossover is amazing #EastEnders,” tweeted one.

Another said: “Wow well what do ya know. Weatherfield #Corrie featuring on #EastEnders @bbceastenders @itvcorrie.”

“#EastEnders omg was that a Corrie crossover,” a third added.

A fourth commented: “Maria ranting on Tiff’s phone is mental! #Corrie #EastEnders.”

But others were slightly baffled.

“Seeing Maria’s rant from last night’s #Corrie on #EastEnders is bizarre,” a viewer said.

Another tweeted: “#Corrie appearing on #EastEnders just feels wrong.”

“Wait, so Walford and Weatherfield exist in the same universe? #EastEnders #corrie #coronationstreet @itvcorrie @bbceastenders,” a third laughed.

A fourth asked: “What the hell just happened?! Was that Maria #EastEnders.”

Also in Monday’s Coronation Street double bill Gary and Maria Windass were enthralled by a ‘Doctor Dig’ viral video starring Emmerdale’s Liam Cavanagh and Amelia Spencer dancing on their community allotment.

It also comes after Hollyoaks’ Cindy Cunningham appeared in Emmerdale’s Monday episode as Amelia watched her in a TikTok video as she swapped clothes.


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