EGG-CELLENT news for savoury food fans… M&S launches CHEESE Easter Eggs!


Today is certainly lucky for the 69% of people in Wales who say they prefer savoury snacks over sweet snacks*, as M&S launches its first ever CHEESE Easter eggs!

The six wax-covered Mini Cheesy Eggs are made with Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar and a vintage 18-month matured Red Leicester “yolk” and come in a cardboard egg box (full details below).

New research from M&S Food, dubbed its Easter Egg-xit poll, shows that although a quarter of adults in Wales (25%) say they never get tired of eating chocolate at Easter, 45% say they actually prefer eating cheese over chocolate, and almost a third (29%) would rather give up their chocolate than cheese at Easter!

M&S Food hopes that the new Mini Cheesy Eggs will appeal to the 19% of people in Wales who wish there were more savoury treat options at Easter. Furthermore, one in five (20%) would be happy to sacrifice their chocolate eggs for savoury treat options!

M&S Product Developer, Rosie Eiduks says, “Delicious as it is, we know not everyone loves chocolate, and that people in Wales are actually divided between Team Sweet and Team Savoury. Those with a more savoury-tooth can sometimes feel left out of the fun at Easter, so this year, we wanted to create a must-have gift for cheese lovers too!”

“Not only are our Mini Cheesy Eggs a picture-perfect gift, they’re also completely delicious, with our quality Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar and a vintage Red Leicester yolk. Beautiful served on an Easter lunch cheeseboard, sliced into a sandwich or salad, or loaded on top of crackers.”

6 Mini Cheesy Eggs, £8.50, 360g

Six solid cheese ‘eggs’ made with Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar and a vintage 18-month matured Red Leicester ‘yolk’ from Belton Farm. Each egg has been hand-dipped in a duck egg blue wax ‘shell’ and is roughly the size of large hen’s eggs. The half dozen cheese eggs come in a cardboard egg box and are available in almost 600 M&S stores.


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