Home Entertainment They release a strange figure of Eren Jaeger

They release a strange figure of Eren Jaeger

eren yeager nude statue
eren yeager nude statue

The world of anime is quite curious, because sometimes there are news that go unnoticed, such as interesting facts that the creators themselves make known about their works. And sometimes some controversies around a specific character come to light, this is the case of Eren jaeger from Attack on Titan and a peculiar figure.

The reason this collector’s item drew attention is because the character is completely naked, and when we mention this, it really is the truth. The statue is being sold by Banana Studio. QWho have it at an approximate price of $300 dollars according to the page, although some had $100 USD

The networks went crazy when they found out

After the publication shared on the internet where the photograph can be seen with or without censorship, the internet went crazy, thus generating quite a few memes among the community that knows about Attack on Titan. A relevance that had not happened for a long time in the franchise since the announcement of the last season. Well, some claim to be repulsed by the figure and others want to buy it.

In news related to anime. It was confirmed that My Hero Academia will have two new specials to be released in the coming months exclusively in theaters in Japan. If you want to know more about its plots and release dates, we invite you to click on the link that we place at continuation.

editor’s note: Well, controversies are frequent in the world of anime, but I think that something similar had not arisen before with a particular manga, an achievement that Attack on Titan already achieved, either for better or for worse. There will only be 200 total units of the figure, so I don’t doubt they’ll be up for resale on Eb-ay in a matter of minutes.



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