Euro 2020: Who is Seema Jaswal and does the ITV presenter have a partner?


ITV has begun its coverage of Euro 2020 with Seema Jaswal on screen today (June 15) – but how is she famous, and does she have a partner?

Unlike most of the other ITV pundits, Seema didn’t start out as a footballer before launching a media career.

But where do you recognise her from?

Well, read on and we’ll let you know!

Who is Seema Jaswal and does she have a partner?

Seema’s maiden name is actually Pathan.

She is married, however, she likes to keep her husband out of the limelight.

She did speak about him in an interview recently though, telling the Daily Mail that he’s most definitely got her back when it comes to her career.

“So it got to the stage where I was very, very close to actually picking a different path,” she said of starting out in the industry.

“I turned to my partner and I spoke to him about it. He just convinced me to keep going and said I could do it.”

How did Seema Jaswal get her big break?

The TV pundit was born in 1985 and got her first break on CBBC in 2008.

Since catching her break, she’s appeared across multiple channels.

She has previously worked for Channel 4 on its coverage of the BDO Darts and the BBC for snooker’s Triple Crown events.

The presenter also worked on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff for three years.

In 2018, Seema worked for ITV on some of its 2018 World Cup coverage as a reporter.

Jaswal also anchored FIFA’s coverage of the U-17 World Cup in 2017.

She is currently best known for her coverage of Motorsports on Channel 4.

However, this is the first time she has presented a major football tournament live.

What did Seema say about her ITV role?

“Well it will be the first time I’ll be presenting the live match coverage at a major tournament for ITV so as you can imagine I’m super excited!” she told ITV.

“I was part of the team in 2018 for the World Cup in Russia and I present the  Premier League’s global coverage every week but this is something special and I can’t wait!”

She also shared her excitement about being part of the coverage with iNews.

Seema gushed: “I pinched myself when I got the news. It’s the first time I’ll be presenting the live match coverage at a major tournament for ITV and it’s very exciting!”

“In India, it’s very normal for female presenters to be front and centre. I just want to put the work in and do the job well. I won’t let it get to me if there are any negative opinions.”

Speaking about her ITV co-stars, she added: “I’m going to have to keep them all in check but I’ve worked with a lot of the pundits before and they’re a very supportive team.”

So why is it called Euro 2020 and not Euro 2021?

The original Euro 2020 was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, sporting events can now take place under new guidelines.

As a result, the competition is still happening using the same name.


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