How tall is Evaluna Montaner? Learn why they call the Venezuelan singer ‘Flea’


Evaluate Montaner and Camilo Echeverry are one of the couples that generate the most curiosity among their fans, especially the detail of how much the difference in height is between them. After seeing a photograph of the interpreter and the clear difference in size between her and the singers Juan Luis Guerra and Residente.

Residente, Evaluna, Juan Luis Guerra and Camilo at the Latin Grammy 2021. Photo: El Espectador

In addition, it is known that her husband, Camilo Echeverry, often refers to Ricardo Montaner’s daughter with the curious nickname “Flea”. Users have interpreted that the Venezuelan singer must have a very short stature compared to her husband.

How tall is Evaluna Montaner?

Although some internet portals record that Evaluna measures 1 meter 64 centimeters, the artist herself has revealed that her true height is 1 meter with 46 centimeters.

For its part, Camilo It measures 1 meter and 76 centimeters. This establishes a difference of 32 centimeters between the couple.

Evaluna Montaner enters the world of fashion with one of the greatest exponents of Argentina. Photo: composition/Instagram

Why does Camilo call Evaluna the ‘flea’?

However, this difference in height would not be the reason why the Colombian interpreter calls his wife with the nickname “Flea”, as everyone has interpreted. own Eva Luna He explained that the nickname comes from a particular moment he shared with his partner.

In a video published by the artist, she is seen hugging the back of the Colombian singer while he constantly moves. As she is small, she adheres perfectly to the musician’s body.

“If you were wondering why Camilo calls me the ‘Flea’, it’s not because of my height,” the actress wrote on her Instagram account.

Evaluna reveals the reason for her nickname. Photo: capture / Instagram

Evaluna shows the advanced state of her pregnancy

The young Venezuelan singer, Evaluna Montaner, showed the progress of her pregnancy on her social networks. She is currently 5 months old and shares her happiness with her loyal fans.

“A little fish is hovering in that belly”, was the description of one of the artist’s last publications on her official Instagram account.

¿Evaluna in La Voz Kids Spain?

The Venezuelan actress and singer, Evaluna joined as advisor to Aitana, interpreter of “Teléfono” together with Lele Pons, for the Battles phase in “La voz Kids España”. At this stage they will also participate in the reality show Luis Fonsi in the David Bisbal team, Lola Índigo will be the partner of Sebastián Yatra and Antonio Orozco with Pablo López.


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