Even Microsoft is kidding about the Xbox Series X name


Microsoft has been the subject of many memes about Xbox naming decisions in recent years. The Xbox Series X succeeds the Xbox One X, the Xbox Series S is the successor to the Xbox One S and before that there was the Xbox One. This caused the internet to create memes about one Xbox One X box and a series of Xbox Series X boxes. After so many Xbox box memes, Microsoft is now beginning to joke about Xbox naming decisions.

In an Instagram video, Microsoft created its Xbox meme, which includes an Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X box, Xbox Series X prepackaged next to the box, a set of Xbox Series X prepackaged in its box, and a set of consoles. Xbox Series X pre-packed next to X-shaped boxes. Dizzy just yet?

Now that Microsoft has acquired the meme, the official internet rules say it’s no longer cool. Microsoft has officially killed the Xbox box meme, even if it says, “We’ll keep working until someone tells us to stop.” Perhaps this was Microsoft’s grand plan, as the Xbox maker also killed the Xbox fridge meme hatch her early.

In fact, the Xbox team has often been using memes since the Xbox Series X was announced in late 2019. Even last year’s Xbox Series S pushes an Xbox Twitter account to reply with a meme, before the console is officially described hours later.

Microsoft too Beat Skittles in a Twitter Poll And she decided to realize the Xbox Series X mini fridges. Small refrigerators have become Available this holiday, in a bag (or box, if you will) turns the meme into reality.


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