Event Planning: 4 Must-Haves That Make or Break an Event


Planning and hosting an event comes with a lot of challenges but with the right amount of planning and preparation, you will be able to get the job done and hold a successful event. Too many planners miss out on some important must-haves, especially if it is their first event. Here are four simple must-haves for you to factor into your planning that will help your event be a success.



Even if your event is only scheduled to last an hour or so, you want there to be free refreshments available to keep your guests happy. Whether it is just some basic drinks like tea and coffee for a quick event or something more substantial like a buffet, there needs to be something there for people. This is also an opportunity to make a little extra money from your event as you can consider selling certain refreshments.

Climate Control

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, you need to have measures in place to control the temperature. If people get too hot, or worse still, too cold, they are likely to make their excuses and leave. Part of a successful event is the comfort of your guests. Even if you are hosting your event in an establishment, you may need some extra heating or cooling options. Use a heater hire service to help you control your event’s climate and keep guests happy.


You may have an itinerary planned for your event. You could be hosting a fashion show or wedding fair for example, and have times set for catwalk strutting or demonstrations. The moments in between will need something to keep people entertained. This could be as simple as some background music to fill in any silence. If you have ever been to an event without any, you know how awkward it can be to talk in a room and feel like your conversation is carrying. Fill in the blanks with some music, either from a recording or from a live band.


Many event planners miss this crucial element. You shouldn’t fill your space with a seat for everyone unless your event demands it, but you need places where people can take a break from being on their feet. This is especially important if some of your attendees are a little older and may need to take a seat for a few minutes. Plan for little break areas in your event space. Give them a bit of room too; do not just shove them in a corner. Do not be tempted to surround a refreshment area with seating either, as that can make that space very crowded and getting refreshed or having a break becomes awkward.

Make sure you cover these four bases, and your attendees will be happy no matter what type of event you are hosting. Even if your venue can do some of these things for you, you should still make sure you are on top of these four must-haves and have a plan in place to handle any problems yourself.


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