Everything You need to know about the myfitnesspal data base


Were you a victim of the MyFitnessPal data breach? Read on to find out what happened, what you should do and whether you can make a data breach compensation claim…

Being a victim of a data breach can be incredibly stressful and around 150 million users of Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal app experienced this distress in February 2018. Though the organisation played down the data breach, there were some undeniably huge flaws in the storing of data that could have been avoided.

Several people attempted to make a data breach compensation claim against the brand and as a result, it underwent investigation for breaching the Data Protection Act. So, what really happened? In this article, we’ll find out what went wrong, what you should do if you have been a victim of a data breach and how you can keep your data safe in future.

What Information Was Taken from the MyFitnessPal App?

The type of data that fitness companies keep is often quite personal and detailed. Fitness apps often ask for our email addresses, names, dates of birth, card details, and even our height and weight! The delicate nature of this data, and the fraudulent uses it divines, means it’s a popular target for hackers.

During the MyFitnessPal data breach, hackers accessed usernames, passwords, and email addresses. Under Armor quickly reset all affected user’s passwords, so the information could not be used on the app, but a year later, the old passwords were on sale on the dark web for around $20,000.


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