Father Brown season 10


Father Brown season 10 sees the charming priest back solving baffling murder mysteries.

Father Brown season 10 is now available to watch in full on BBC iPlayer, with episodes also airing on BBC1.

So, you’ll have absolutely no problems catching up with Mark Williams as the crime-solving priest.

Based on the character made famous from GK Chesterton’s short stories, the 10th series once again sees Father Brown solving a string of devilishly difficult murders. Is Kembleford now more dangerous than Midsomer we wonder?!

Speaking about the success of the show, Harry Potter legend Mark previously said: “I think it is about storytelling. You are being told a story every episode — and that’s what people love. It’s like reading a comfortable novel. There isn’t a lot of urban anger, or zombies, or dragons. The series are an antidote to what most boxsets are about nowadays.”

When asked why he loves playing the character, he replied: “He is very interested. He does not judge people — he is interested in everything, and that makes him interesting. He is not interested in hypocrisy, or complicity, and not interested in people who are locked into their own worlds, as he finds that abhorrent. 

“It is good that he can change delight to anger. He is an open person. The thing I most like about the process is the guests, the actors. You get new people every week and I love watching what they do with the script. Remember it better than me mostly.”

Here’s everything we know about the latest series…

Father Brown season 10 release date

Father Brown season 10 began on Friday, January 6 at 1.45 pm on BBC One. All 10 episodes are also available on BBC iPlayer.

It will arrive on BritBox in the US at a later date.

How many episodes is Father Brown season 10?

The series is 10 parts.

What are the plots?

The opening story, titled “The Winds of Change”, sees Father Brown discover that a murderer is using Kembleford’s new model village to plan their attacks. While the second story, “The Company of Men”, sees Lady Felicia making an impromptu visit while Father Brown helps out a friend at an exclusive gentleman’s club. 

Episode three, titled “The Gardeners of Eden”, sees a celebrity florist bring glamour and murder to Kembleford.

Episode four, titled “The Beast of Wedlock”, is teased as follows: “Father Brown’s past collides with the present when he investigates a missing person, a murder and a mythical wild cat.”

Episode five, titled “The Hidden Man”, features villain Hercule Flambeau, who has a strangely warm friendship with Father Brown. Teasing the episode, the BBC says: “Chief Inspector Sullivan pays Father Brown a visit to warn him that Hercule Flambeau is on the run and wanted for a series of brutal murders.”

Episode six, titled “The Royal Visit”, sees the visit of Princess Margaret being jeopardized when a school janitor is found murdered. Can Father Brown crack the case?

Episode seven, “The Show Must Go On”, sees more drama off stage than on it for the Kembleford Players.

Episode eight, titled “The Sands of Time”, sees a woman find love at the home of a clock collector but has she fallen for a killer? 

Episode nine, “The Wheels of Wrath”, sees a group of bikers causing chaos in Kembleford.

Episode 10, titled “The Serpent Within”, sees Sullivan’s dream of leaving the village ruined when he’s arrested for receiving stolen goods.

Father Brown season 10 cast

Mark Williams is back as Father Brown with John Brown as Sergeant Goodfellow. Tom Chambers plays Chief Inspector Sullivan, with fan favorite Nancy Carroll returning as Lady Felicia Montague. Claudie Blakley is Mrs Devine. Among the guest stars is Elaine Paige who plays Octavia Eden in episode three. Plus John Light is back as rogue Flambeau.

Is there a trailer?

Sadly not yet.


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