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Generally, when we delete a file on the computer or cell phone, it is directed to the trash, where the material is in standby mode. So, you can either delete them manually or wait for the device to do it for you after a certain period. but will The WhatsApp Do you have trash like this? Today we are going to show you where the WhatsApp Trash can be. come with us!

Where is the WhatsApp trash?

First, when you download a photo, video, document or message via WhatsApp, your smartphone creates a copy of that item and duplicates it. Therefore, one version is saved in the application and the other in the phone memory. This means that you can access the version saved on the phone, even if the app version has been deleted.

However, WhatsApp does not have a recycle bin, nor a section where deleted files are stored for a while.

Therefore, all the deleted items are removed directly in the app forever, as the contents cannot be saved outside of the WhatsApp backup itself.

But in addition to this, on Android and iOS smartphones, both the application backup and the operating system itself can restore deleted WhatsApp files. But here comes the secret: cell phones from Samsung Introducing the dedicated Recycle Bin app, which keeps media and documents from other apps.

I deleted a file on WhatsApp. And now?

But calm down there, all is not lost. Well, if you accidentally delete a file on WhatsApp and the backup is up to date, you can restore the deleted media!

For this reason, make sure to enable automatic backup in your WhatsApp account. This applies to Android and iOS, where the backup is linked to your account. google browser or iCloud respectively. Additionally, you can also select how often the app will save your conversations in the cloud, which can be monthly, weekly or daily.

WhatsApp Backup

First, backup consists of duplicating everything that is shared in an app, program, or service. Thus, files can be saved locally on the device, or more commonly in the cloud, so as not to take up memory on the device.

So, WhatsApp Backup follows the same concept. talksYour sent photos, videos, documents, and other content are stored in the cloud. For example, Google Drive (Android) and iCloud (iPhone).

Also, even if you change your cell phone, you still have a way to get your conversations back, including those that were deleted, as long as they were deleted in less than 24 hours.


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