Fliteboard: this electric hydrofoil surfboard helped British father-son duo create world record


The future of surf culture is here, and it’s electric! Check out eFoil, an emission-free and environmentally friendly watercraft that gives the sensation of flying over water. No wind or water is needed!

Recently, a British man and his son have become the first people to cross the English Channel on eFoil boards that travel at a speed of up to 20mph and hover 3ft above the water. 

Based out of Australia, Fliteboard has built an electric-powered hydrofoil, drawing a fan club that includes some of the world’s most influential names.

Cap Griz Nez to Folkestone coastline

Rob Wylie, 51, and son Morgan, 19, took 1 hour 39 minutes and 55 seconds from Cap Griz Nez in France to the Folkestone coastline (37.36KM), where both surfers landed successfully after a continuous run coast to coast on one battery charge. 

It’s worth mentioning that Rob just had 4% battery left when he reached his destination. They were supported by two boats with the professional crew from OTS Watersports in Poole, the first authorised Fliteschool in the UK. 

Rob Wylie, said, “Ever since I first experienced riding on a Fliteboard, I was hooked as I knew this was going to be the next generation of watersports. I was so impressed that I also invested in the company to join the Fliteboard story and support building awareness around the product and the eFoiling category as a whole. The channel crossing has not only set a new world record but also proves how advanced Fliteboard’s technology is that we successfully made the crossing on one single battery charge.”

In 1909 the same challenge was taken on by Louis Blériot, who was the first person to fly an airplane across the channel, to which he received a prize of £1,000 from The Daily Mail. 

Fliteboard’s eFoil

Founded in 2017 by David Trewern, Fliteboard develops electric foiling water vehicles – watercraft that are fun, engaging, fast, and efficient. 

What started as a passion project initiated by founder David Trewern, grew exponentially as the demand for Fliteboard took off, says the company. 

To date, the company has launched 4 models — Fliteboard Air (6’0” and 150 litres), Fliteboad Ultra (4’2” and 54 litres), Fliteboard (5’8” and 100 litres), and Fliteboard Pro (5’0” and 67 litres). 

Fliteboard now has offices in the USA and Europe with thousands of customers around the world and over 60 Fliteschools globally.

How was Fliteboard born?

Fliteboard founder David Trewern grew up surfing and windsurfing from an early age. At a kitefoil event without wind in early 2016, an idea struck to add an electric motor to his foiling kiteboard.

“I became captivated by this vision in my mind of a self-propelled, electric-powered flying surfboard,” says Trewern. 

The kitchen became a workshop, and the 3D printer went into overdrive. Dozens of prototypes later, and Fliteboard flew for the first time.

“Within the first few seconds, I knew this was something magical. The feeling of freedom was like nothing else. This would revolutionise water-sports,” adds Trewern.

Thus Fliteboard was born!


Fliteboard has been recognised by the global design community, winning prestigious awards worldwide, including The Good Design Awards, IDSA, Australia by Design “Innovation of the Year”, The German Design Awards, and the ‘Best of the Best’ Red Dot Award. 

The Good Design Awards Jury said of Fliteboard: “Stunning design all round. Every single aspect of this product has been meticulously thought out” and “This is without a doubt a world-class sporting product and a brilliant example of a good idea turned into an excellent product through professional design.”


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