Ana, the daughter of Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade who “threw into the river” after inexplicably dying


Mexico. Sergio Andrade and Gloria Trevi formed a musical dumbbell since the late eighties, since he was her representative and producer, they were also a couple and at the end of the nineties they had a daughter: Ana Dalay.

Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade were involved in a scandal, as they were accused of being accomplices in kidnapping and corruption of minors, so her career stopped for almost five years, during which time she was imprisoned between Brazil and Chihuahua.

But between Andrade and Trevi a special and tragic story was brewing, since she gave birth to his daughter named Ana Dalay, who died for mysterious reasons during the time they were being persecuted by the law.

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For several years the whereabouts of both were unknown, but after they were arrested in 2000, in Brazil, it was revealed that Gloria had given birth to a girl months before.but that he had died.

Sergio Andrade and Gloria Trevi faced a legal process and it was learned that they had a daughter, who died for mysterious reasons in Rio de Janeiro on April 13, 1999, when she was one month old.

According to some witnesses, including Gloria Trevi, the day the girl lost her life, the singer from Monterrey, Nuevo León, was in the apartment she shared with Sergio Andrade and other girls, when one of them, Katia de la Cuesta, He entered a bedroom where he found the baby lifeless.

Liliana Regueiro, one of the girls who shared an apartment, assured that Sergio would have refused to take the girl to the hospital, Well, apparently I didn’t have a birth certificate. among other reasons.

The true causes of Ana Dalay’s death have not been made public and if Gloria Trevi knows about them, she has not talked about them, but much has been said about the whereabouts of the girl, for example, Liliana Regueiro assured that the body of the baby was thrown into a river, in the municipality of Jacarepagua, Brazil.

According to Trevi’s statements shared in some interviews, he said that Sergio Andrade informed him that another girl would be in charge of the funeral, in which the singer was not present, because presumably he was in shock and lost his mind for five days.

“I did not lose a daughter, I have a daughter and it is my path of stars to heaven… I know that my daughter is where the people we love are and who are no longer on earth. They are with God and they are with me,” Gloria Trevi told the media some time ago.

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Gloria Trevi always remembers her daughter on her social networks, especially on the day of her birth, and she also composed a song for her entitled Postal Stamps to Heaven, which she includes on one of her albums.


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