Gogglebox star Andrew Bennett: What was he accused of, is he in jail and does he have a wife?


Gogglebox fans were shocked when former contributor Andrew Bennett was accused of an unthinkable crime against a child.

Earlier this year, the former C4 star made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

His mug shot appeared in newspapers across the country in connection with a disturbing crime.

So what was the former Gogglebox star accused of?

Was he charged and where is he now?

Here’s everything you need to know…

Who is Andrew Bennett and when did he appear on Gogglebox?

Andrew Bennett rose to fame after appearing as a sofa surfer on Gogglebox.

He featured in the 12th series of the popular Channel 4 series.

He appeared alongside his friend Fawn, and her pet Schnauzer.

Andrew, now 47, is from Gleneagles Road, Sunderland.

The South Shields reality star only participated in one series of Gogglebox, which aired in 2018.

Why did he leave Gogglebox?

The Channel 4 series Gogglebox has a revolving door of TV commentators on the show.

Only the most popular are asked back every series.

It’s thought that Andrew and Fawn weren’t asked to return after filming on series 12.

Gogglebox introduced several new families at the beginning of series 12.

But some viewers weren’t impressed with the new armchair critics.

The first episode of the 12th series saw additions like Beryl and scientist husband John, Andrew Bennett and Fawn from South Shields, and Abby and Georgia.

As verdicts on the families rolled in, show creator Tania Alexander took to Twitter to defend against some of the criticism.

In response to a viewer who stated he was “not happy with all these new faces”, Tania wrote: “You’ll get used to them.”

However, only Abby and Georgia returned for series 13.

What was Andrew Bennett accused of?

A teenage boy accused Gogglebox star Andrew Bennett of sexual assault.

Police subsequently arrested Andrew and a trial took place.

During the trial, the jury heard that Andrew took selfies with his victim.

He then cornered him on a sofa, gave him a love bite and tried to lure him to a bedroom for sex.

The 47-year-old left his victim “in tears”.

Eventually, after initially protesting his innocence, Andrew admitted one charge of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and two charges of sexual activity with a child.

Andrew Bennett conviction

Andrew Bennett initially denied all the charges.

He blamed his behaviour on “slimming drugs”.

However, he eventually pleaded guilty after DNA linked him to the teenager.

A jury found Andrew Bennett guilty earlier this year.

In May 2022, the former Gogglebox star was sentenced for the sex attack on a teenage boy.

Prosecutor Glenn Gatland said Andrew Bennett, who had been drinking, told the teenager he was gay and asked if his victim was.

His victim replied he was not gay.

Mr Gatland said: “The defendant started to put his hands down his pants again then told him to turn away from him and started kissing him on the back of his neck and gave him a love bite.”

The teenager then reminded Andrew Bennett he was a child.

Bennett responded by saying to him: “Stop, you are making me feel bad.”

Where is Andrew Bennett from Gogglebox now?

Andrew Bennett is currently in jail.

Judge Tim Gittins sentenced Andrew Bennett to 29 months in prison.

Andrew Bennett is now on the sex offenders registers.

He must also abide by a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years.

Andrew is also subject to a restraining order for five years.

When will Andrew Bennett be released?

During the trial, Andrew Bennett said (via his defence) that he “could not be more remorseful” for what he had done.

He also handed in “multiple” references from people who spoke highly of him.

Defence lawyer Gavin Doig added that his client posed a low risk of re-offending and had “lost his good name forever”, as well as his employment.

The judge conceded that “this was an aberration in [Andrew’s] behaviour, it was unplanned and only occurred because [he] were intoxicated.”

Andrew should be released within 29 months, or possibly earlier for good behaviour.

He could be out as early as 2023.

Does Andrew Bennett have a wife or partner?

Andrew Bennett is not married.

He is not known if he had a partner before his incarceration.

The former Gogglebox star is known to be gay.

Where is his Gogglebox friend Fawn now?

Fawn has not spoken publicly about her former Gogglebox co-star.

In fact, she’s a pretty difficult lady to track down.

She’s not on any social media platforms that we can find.

We don’t know if the pair are still good friends.

When was Gogglebox star Andrew Bennett attacked?

Gogglebox star Andrew Bennett was attacked in 2018.

The reality star was left hospitalised and said the ordeal has left him with PTSD, depression and anxiety.

At the time, Andrew said: “I had a broken back, what’s known as a transverse fracture.

“I’ve had PTSD, depression, anxiety, flashbacks to that night. It’s like a waking nightmare.

“Being on TV, being a party person and being used to do a lot of horse riding, then to have everything taken away was daunting.”

Andrew was attacked outside a bar while his friends were inside.

The attacker subsequently pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.


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