Gotham season 5: Netflix UK premiere date confirmed


At long last, we know when Gotham season 5 will be heading to UK Netflix, allowing British fans to enjoy the final season of Fox’s Batman prequel in a very binge-friendly way. Here’s everything you need to know….

First things first, that release date: we’ve learned that the final season of Gotham will appear on Netflix UK, in its entirety, on Wednesday 24th July. It should be a nice little summer treat for fans, then.

And if you’ve forgotten where we left off last year, allow us to do a little Gotham season 4 recap to fill out the rest of this article.

Gotham season 4 ended with Gotham becoming a ‘No Man’s Land’, with the GCPD managing to evacuate most of the ordinary citizens before Ra’s al Ghul blew up every bridge out of the city and plunged what’s left of Gotham into chaos.

Meanwhile, Lee Thompkins broke up with Ed Nygma, and the two stabbed each other. Oswald Cobblepot teamed with Hugo Strange to turn Grundy back into Butch, only to kill Butch in front of Tabitha as revenge for Oswald’s mum’s murder. Oswald then ordered Strange to fix Lee and Ed.

The season ended with Ra’s dead, with Barbara forcing Bruce to plunge a knife into the League Of Shadows overlord. Jeremiah is out of police custody, though, and there are heaps of other supervillains on the loose as well.

Bruce is ready to embrace his role as the city’s protector, and Jim Gordon stands vigilant with the searchlight on the GCPD roof. And on 24th July, Netflix UK members will be able to find out what happens next…



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