Has David Dickinson Been Ill? Weight Loss and Health – Spray Tan Effect


Is 80 years old antique expert David Dickinson ill? He is seen to have lost a lot of weight and limited his presence in public.

David Dickson said that he is naturally olive-skinned, and he doesn”t go to sunbeds. He refused to accept that he had used a spray tan rather enjoyed going on holiday.

He loved treating himself to a beautiful hotel whenever David had time off from work.

Has David Dickinson Been Ill? Health Update

David Dickinson illness is not of a severe kind. Despite being hit by old age, the antique expert is healthy untouched by significant diseases. 

Dickinson is an English antique dealer and television presenter.

David was the host of the BBC One antiques show Bargain Hunt, where Tim Wonnacott succeeded him between 2000 and 2004.

Later, He left the BBC in 2005, and since then, he has been hosting the ITV daytime show Dickinson’s Real Deal. 

David’s real last name is Gulesserian, and he has Armenian ancestry.

He’s the son of Eugenie Gulesserian, daughter of Hrant Gulesserian, an Armenian textile businessman who had moved from Constantinople to England.

Dickinson was given up for adoption as a child.

He never again met his biological mother, although he corresponded with her later when she was living in Jersey.

How Much Weight Did David Dickinson Lose? Weight Loss Journey

David Dickinson weight loss journey has astonished many of his fans. He has kept his life very private now. However, the significant weight loss might have happened due to the age factor. 

In one of his previous interviews, he refused to accept that he has used spay tan and the colour of his skin is olive because he is of Armenian ancestry. 

David’s official website states that he began his TV career in 1996, but the BBC Bargain Hunt made him famous.

Furthermore, He couldn’t understand it; first, he was just doing what came naturally, but everyone seemed to pick up on his catchphrases such as ‘cheap as chips and ‘what a bobby dazzler’.

David was delighted when the show won a National Television Award in 2002, and he was there to accept it.

David Dickson Wife & family Details Explored.

Dickinson saw his wife, Lorne Lesley, a cabaret performer, in a nightclub in the 1960s, and they married in 1968.

His wife Lorne gave David an antique regency mourning ring as a wedding gift, set with a rose-cut diamond.

Lesley is of African, Welsh and Scottish ancestry.

She hails from Tiger Bay, Cardiff. The couple lives in the village of Prestbury in Cheshire and has two grown-up children and grandchildren.

The Dickinsons adopted David, a local couple, at an early age.

David’s adoptive father died when David was 12, and as his mother worked hard to keep the family together, David was partly brought up by his adoptive paternal grandmother, Sarah.


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