Hero PC deletes her Twitter account after being trolled with “disgusting” sexist comments


A FEMALE police officer who reportedly jumped into a canal to try to save a baby has deleted her Twitter account after dozens of men trolled her with “disgusting” sexist comments.

Greater Manchester PC Jessica Voeils was hailed a hero after it was claimed that she jumped into the River Irwell in a vain bid to to save 11-month-old Zakari Bennett.

Despite this, many man preferred to comment on the 24-year-old officer’s appearance with comments such as “she can handcuff me any time”.

After her picture was widely shared on social media, PC Bennett has now deleted her account.

A post on a Facebook group called Mint Manchester read: “Get this shared. Jessica Voiels, 24 jumped in the River Irwell to try n save little baby Zak. Despite her efforts she couldn’t find him.”

A selfie of Voiels in her police uniform was shared with the post.

One man wrote: “Well, if I ever get pulled out the river and need mouth to mouth then Manchester’s the place for that.”

Another man wrote: “Wow I’d let her jump in for me.”

Another male added: “I feel I need to meet and thank her personally, maybe give her a cuddle and See how it goes…”

Many users also commented on a Facebook post made by Day Ley Smith praising the PC.

The post began: “I don’t usually speak highly of police, but this 1 is a hero policewoman, she leapt into a river trying to save a baby ‘thrown off a bridge’.

“She can come and arrest me right now if she wants?” Day also added a love heart emoji.

James Garscadden commented : ”Ohhh wow cuff me pls.”

Baz Johnson added: “She can nic me im guilty.”

Alfie Duncan wrote: “F***ing lock me up.”

Tweets were also made about the cop before she deleted her profile.

A user called @Steslinger wrote: “Bet there’s plenty offering to be arrested when she’s around.”

He also tweeted: “She can handcuff me any day of the week.”

A user called @Geddy7777 said: “Defo let her handcuff me, sexy cop.”

Some social media users called out the men for their inappropriate words.

A woman wrote in the Mint Manchester Facebook group: “Doesn’t matter how she looks and some comments are vile, the fact is she jumped in to try save a baby.. and men writing she could jump on them etc.. pretty sure she wouldn’t wanna Jump on any of you… disgusting.”

Another said: “What’s wrong with everyone can’t a pretty young girl be a cop! Does it matter what she looks like? What she’s done is amazing, something I personally couldn’t do.”

Police constable Jessica Voiels was one of the first on the scene at the River Irwell, in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, and tried to rescue 11-month-old Zakari Bennett-Eko.

The tot had allegedly been thrown into the water in a moses basket by his father, Zak Bennett-Eko, 22, who has now been charged with murder.

The boy’s mother Emma Blood, 22, posted a tribute to her son on Facebook after his passing.

She shared images of Zakari and wrote: “On Wednesday afternoon my life changed forever. I woke up that morning being a mummy to the most wonderful cute little boy and by the afternoon Zakari was taken from me in the most tragic of circumstances.

“Zakari was my life for 11 months and will be the heart of our family for many years to come. He was a cheeky little chap with a smile that melted hearts.

“He was the youngest of five generations of our family and was loved beyond belief.”

Greater Manchester Police have since said PC Voiels did not jump into the water and her response to the incident was the same as every other responding officer.


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