Hidden Black Friday sale that gets an Amazon Echo Dot for under £10


Amazon’s Black Friday sale is not here yet but the best deal may have already arrived.

Amazon’s voice-activated smart home device, the Echo Dot, is on sale for just £9.99 in a hidden Black Friday deal that uses an online sales trick.

The Amazon Echo Dot third generation has been reduced from £39.99 to just £24.99 in the Amazon Black Friday sale. The device is not the latest Echo Dot – the fourth generation was launched earlier this year – and that means the retailer is happy to cut the price during Black Friday.

There is a way to get even more money off the Echo Dot and bring the price down to less than £10 using a second online deal.

Cashback website Topcashback is giving all new customers £15 in cashback when they spend £15 or more on Black Friday deals and that includes Amazon’s devices.

It means those who sign up here and order the Amazon Echo Dot will get £15 cashback on top of Amazon’s discount, bringing the overall price down to just £9.99.

The price will be the lowest available for Black Friday and will beat similar discounts from the likes of Currys and Argos. The cashback can also be used on other Amazon devices including the Echo Dot fourth generation, the Amazon Echo, Amazon FireStick TV and more.

Amazon is yet to launch its Black Friday sale but some retailers have already launched Black Friday discounts. Currys has launched its main Black Friday sale with over 160 TVs, 26 pairs of headphones, 49 fridge freezers, 20 mobile phones and hundreds of other items reduced.


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