How Do I Find My Birth Certificate Reference Number in The UK?


If you have the birth certificate, the reference number is one of the series of letters followed by a string of numbers located in the upper right-hand edge of the birth certificate. Usually, the reference number can be printed on either the top right or top left corner of the birth certificate. With the help of this article, you will know about the importance of the birth certificate reference number.

What are the features of the birth certificate number in the UK?

The features of the birth certificate number in the UK are given by,

  • The birth certificates are printed form which is getting from the local register office or general register office. The reference number will contain a nine-digit system number at the margin of the bottom.
  • The birth certificate number is formed by three digits of area code and two-digit digits for the year of registration which is your date of birth.
  • It is located at the top corner of the birth certificate. It has a state code, sequential number, and country code.
  • In the past years, NHS numbers are used on the baby birth certificate as ten-digit numbers. You can find your birth certificate number on the online website of the UK government.
  • There are two types of birth certificates issued in the UK. They are short birth certificate which has only child details and long birth certificates which has both the elements of child and parents.

Where will you find the issue date of the Birth Certificate Reference Number?

You can find the issue date of the birth certificate at the top of the certificate. It is not the date of birth; it is the date the certificate will be issued from the office.

There is an expiration date for the birth certificate. It is one of the permanent records of your identity. It is printed on security paper. All the birth certificates in the UK will have a reference number.

You can get a copy of the birth certificate in the UK; you can contact the registered office. You can also apply online from the general register office.

What is information is needed to take the birth certificate number?

The following information is needed to take the birth certificate number UK. They are given by,

Date and place of birth: One of the important things in the birth certificate is the date and place of birth. It will indicate the childbirth is a twin, triplets, etc.

Name: The name is given to the child at birth. The given name will have appeared on the birth certificate. 

Father name: If you are not giving the father name, it will indicate that the parents are not married at the time of childbirth.

Maiden name of mother: This extra information will help you to track the mother’s parents.

Occupation of the father: These details will help you confirm that you are looking at the certificate for the family. 

Signature, description, and residence: It is one of the parents; it could be grandparents, and other relatives are present at the time of the birth.

Date registered: You can do the birth certificate registration will take place within 42 days of childbirth.

Names entered after the registration: You can give any name to the child by using the record of the birth certificate number.

What is the important reason to get the birth certificate number in the UK?

Before knowing the importance of the birth certificate number, you can learn about what is a certificate reference number in the UK? The important reasons are given by,

Every year, millions of children die from preventable diseases before they turn five. Unregistered children are less likely to be able to access health care services or pay for them than registered children. But a birth certificate means the child has access to the medical care and vaccinations needed to stay healthy.

If there is no birth registration, Children can be excluded from attending school. But with a birth certificate, Children will have the necessary documents to enroll in a state-funded school.

If you don’t have an ID card, Government officials do not have a child’s existence document. As a result, the law fails to protect children from crime and abuse. But effective birth registration protects the child and grants it legal rights.

It creates a permanent record of existence. If disaster strikes and children are taken from their families, reuniting can be impossible without proper identification. For more details about Birth Certificate Reference Number visit the UK Gov official website.


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