How Do You Find the Midpoint Between Two Numbers on a Calculator?


A few decades ago, calculators were not allowed in schools and colleges. People had to solve complex calculations using log tables and scales. But as years passed, now it is acceptable to use a calculator to find solutions to complex equations. 

However, students should use the calculator only after they master the art of solving problems manually with tables. This step is essential because the education system is all about you learning different ways to solve a problem and is not about how to use a calculator.

Many countries encourage students to learn how to solve complex formulae on paper.  By taking this route, students gain the confidence to solve even the most difficult computations eventually.

Finding the midpoint between two numbers is one of the simple ideas students learn in a math class. There are two ways to solve this problem.

The first option is to use a Midpoint Calculator and the second one is to do it by hand. It is best to learn how to solve it manually before using a calculator to find the answer.

What is a midpoint?

As the name says, a midpoint is a point exactly in between two points. In case of numbers, a midpoint is a number that is exactly in between the two numbers.  You can find the midpoint by adding both the numbers and dividing it by two, i.e., the average of the two numbers.

 Let us take some examples to get a better idea.

What is the midpoint between 7 and 46?

 Add 7 and 46 to get 53

 Divide by 2, and you will get 26.5.

 So, 26.5 is the midpoint between 7 and 46.

What if you have a positive and a negative integer? For example, find the midpoint between -3 and 14.

 The process of finding the midpoint is the same even if we are to deal with positive and/or negative integers. Add them with their proper signs and divide by 2.

For -3 and 14 we have (-3+14)/2 =11/2 = 5.5

The midpoint between -3 and 14 is 5.5.

Simple midpoints between two numbers can be calculated by hand. But when dealing with larger numbers or decimal places, it is better to use a Midpoint Calculator.

We can use a modified form of the formula to find the midpoint between two points in two different axis.

 The formula to find the midpoint between (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is

M = ((x1+x2)/2) , ((y1+y2)/2)

For example, find the midpoint between (8.5, 3.2) and (-5, 4.3)

M = ((8.5+(-5))/2), ((3.2+4.3)/2)

M= (3.5/2, 8/2)

M= (1.75, 4)

The midpoint between (8.5, 3.2) and (-5, 4.3) is (1.75, 4)

Calculations like these may take longer if the numbers have a three or four digit decimal places. In such cases, it is better to use a Midpoint Calculator to find the answer accurately.

In most cases that involve geometry, schools allow usage of calculators to find answers to the midpoint question. The key is to know the logic behind the formula. Once you understand that, you can apply it any type of numbers.

What if you get two different kinds of numbers?

 For example, find the midpoint between 5 2/5 and 6.3.

 One is a decimal, while the other one is a fraction.

To solve this problem, convert the fraction into its nearest decimal form

5 2/5 = 27/5 or 5.4

 So now you need to find the midpoint between 5.4 and 6.3

= (5.4+6.3)/2

= 5.85

The midpoint between 5 2/5 and 6.3 is 5.85

The key is to know how to do it by hand and then use a calculator to save time.


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