How Investing in SaaS Can Increase Your Company’s Customer Ratings


One essential aspect of your company’s success is its branding. After all, the brand name is the first thing consumers see. In some cases, it is the defining detail that pushes them from contemplation to purchase. It’s no wonder that companies are funneling their marketing department with 5 to 12% of their total revenue. The primary intent funnel goes from awareness to discovery to purchase. And although there are other marketing strategies, the first step in successfully marketing your company to customers is increasing brand awareness.

Brand awareness touches on how people react when searching for a specific product and how it increases or decreases the chance of purchase when they recognize the brand. For marketers, improving brand awareness is the most challenging part of marketing. Marketers have to utilize social media plans, search engine optimizations, and online communities to get customers to trust the brand. Nowadays, there is an abundance of strategies to increase your brand awareness, and none stands out more than SaaS.

Table of Contents

  • What Is SaaS
  • How SaaS Can Improve User-Experience and Customer Satisfaction
  • How You Can Use SaaS for Customer Satisfaction
    • Make your website user-friendly
    • Create an online community

What Is SaaS

SaaS, also known as software as a service, is a cloud-based service where people can use your software without installing an application on their computer. With SaaS, we can eliminate segmentation from users with different operating systems. Additionally, it reduces your IT department’s need to fix and upgrade your company’s website.

How SaaS Can Improve User-Experience and Customer Satisfaction

SaaS applications are immensely versatile and accessible. All the customer needs are a working internet connection and an internet browser to fully utilize a SaaS’s services. Due to its ease-of-use and accessibility through the web, SaaS is perfect for startups that need to quickly launch their eCommerce and smoothen out the process of reverse logistics. Customers don’t need to install another app to buy products from you; everything is accessible on the internet. Furthermore, since all data is stored over the cloud, customers can access their information regardless of the device they’re using. They can smoothly transfer projects from their work laptops to their personal computer and even to their mobile phones.

Another advantage of SaaS is through updates and patches. All the mechanisms of the program run in the cloud from your server. To fix bugs and introduce updates, all you have to do is implement the changes on your website, and you’re done. This completely removes program-breaking bugs and makes updates seamless and hassle-free for the user.

Finally, SaaS has a distinct advantage of capturing data and analytics that’s important for improving a customer’s user experience. Companies that use SaaS have access to a variety of tools to analyze the behavior of their users. With this, they gain an accurate report about the software’s features that can be improved and what parts of the website needs to be removed.

How You Can Use SaaS for Customer Satisfaction

Aside from the benefits of seamless integration from all devices, companies that utilize SaaS can boost their customer rating by implementing discounts or trials that are only possible through SaaS. Here are two essential features you can use to increase your customer satisfaction:

Make your website user-friendly

Nothing turns off potential customers than a clunky, messy, and borderline unusable website. It’s best to optimize your website to prevent slow-loading times, page errors, unwieldy site navigations, and the lack of mobile support. A fast, speedy, and intuitive website reduces customer dissatisfaction and increases user engagement.

Your website should also contain a handful of call-to-actions to help gain new customers. Hiring a good copywriter can help reduce users from dismissing your page and increase its clickthrough rate.

Create an online community

For users willing to invest in your program, an active community helps seal the deal. That’s why you should integrate an online community in your software where users can contribute to fixing problems and improving the software. An online community improves user engagement and is the centralized hub where users can search for guides and tutorials.

You can also include a “wanted features” tab to gain direct input from your users. This improvement negates guessing what users want in your software; you can get it from themselves. In addition to that, an active community helps your customer service agents give out advice regarding software issues. Users can easily submit a support ticket that’s easily viewed and fixed by your customer service. After all, continuous excellent customer service is what users want to support the product continually.

Software as a service has been around for a long time, and its success has no signs of stopping. It’s up to you to follow the trend and capitalize on its success. Furthermore, combining strategies to ensure customer satisfaction with SaaS can help your business grow and gain potential customers. The world of marketing is continually changing. Strategies are formulated left and right, and it’s our job to stay updated and use what’s best for our brand.


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