How to Approach Sports Betting as a Beginner


If you have never placed a bet on sports in your life then a quick look at the service on offer may be a little scary. There is no need to be worried if you are looking to join in the fun, while there are complex ways to bet, there is also a nice and simple method of placing a wager.

You will make decisions early in your time as a gambler and if you get these decisions right then your time will be fun, get these wrong and you may struggle.

For those looking to get involved, if you think now is the right time for you then here are three things to make sure you get right as you begin your sports betting career.


Getting the right bookmaker is crucial to having an enjoyable time. You need to have one that will give you a good deal, offer a wide range of betting markets and cover the sports that you want to bet on.

When signing up with a bookmaker you will be able to take advantage of their welcome bonus. This could be something such as a free sportsbook bet for all new players, giving you a free chance to win and build your betting bank.

Look at the sports on offer to make sure you can bet on what you want to, and also look at the markets on offer so you have a choice when it comes to actually placing the wager.

You should also look how you are able to bet. For example, if you are busy and you don’t have much time to bet then you should look for a bookmaker that offers a mobile betting app for customers to log on and use.


There is no right or wrong bet as a regular gambler, people have their different methods of betting and what works for one may not work for someone else, so this is very personal.

However, in terms of being a newcomer, the bets you should place are those that you consider to be realistic and simple to understand.

You should always bet on things that you understand, so you know what you are cheering on for victory. Then you should always bet on markets that you can win regularly with.

As you progress, you can add more bet types to your portfolio, but simple win singles are the way forward to begin with, if you do that then you give yourself the best chance to win and gain confidence.


Betting is something that you should go very carefully with. There is no need to rush, take your time and aim to progress with small steps taking you forward.

If you do this then betting can become your favourite pastime, and you will enjoy it more than going for nights out in the city. There is a danger that you will get too confused with betting, but that only happens if you try to do something too quickly.

Don’t go for any huge wins, these may happen but are unlikely to happen and in your quest for them you will have many losses. The early part of your betting should be about building confidence, you do that by winning bets and putting yourself on a good run.

The overall betting picture is long-term and you should not focus on short-term goals at all. Just as important is taking small steps forward, rather than trying to make a giant leap.


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