How To Be More Eco-Friendly & Save Money For Your Business


No matter what sector you operate in, all businesses have suffered as a result of the pandemic and many are now struggling financially. Whether you’re turning a healthy profit or finding it difficult to make ends meet, it always makes sense to economise where you can and save money on your business expenses. This is why many businesses today are now seeking how to be more eco-friendly within their industry. We also know that more and more people care about the green credentials of the companies they buy goods and services from.

If you want to keep a tighter rein on your finances and do your bit towards saving the planet, then looking for eco-friendly solutions is the obvious answer. By making a few simple alterations to the way your business works, you can operate in a more environmentally friendly way and contribute to cutting the waste and energy inefficiency which are harming the natural world. If you are looking to transform your business practices this year, learn how to be more eco-friendly with these six things you can implement immediately, to save your business money and help you go green.

In today’s business world, it’s best to go paperless

Many businesses have already begun the transition from paper to digital in recent years, but there’s still work to be done. In this day and age, there’s no excuse not to cut the amount of paper being used and instead put in place the software and systems needed to make everything online-only. Whether it’s completing invoices or swapping letters to customers for emails, all these tasks can be done by computer without the need for us to cut down more trees and generate more waste paper.

How to be more eco-friendly by switching energy suppliers

With businesses building themselves back up again in recent years and with costs increasing in the UK, many companies are reassessing their finances to come up with more efficient ways to save money. As with your domestic bills, it pays to look around and there are now plenty of green energy suppliers offering great rates for businesses across the UK. These suppliers usually offer a higher percentage of renewable energy and are investing in the renewables sector, so if you want to know your fuel is coming from a more sustainable source, then take the time to look for the best green deals.

Consider making second-hand purchases for business supplies

When businesses think about how to be more eco-friendly, usually recycling more and going paperless comes to mind. However, there are still purchases that businesses need to make sometimes which cannot be avoided. For example, kitting out a new office space can be an expensive task, but there are ways to save money and cut your carbon footprint at the same time. Much of the office furniture and tech which is destined for landfill is perfectly salvageable and buying ‘pre-loved’ chairs, desks, computers and more will ultimately mean we manufacture less and give second-hand goods a new lease of life.

Save more fuel by using efficient fuel storage solutions

Plenty of businesses need to store fuel on-site, and there’s always the potential risk of leaks. Leaks are costly both in terms of clean up expenses for your business and the price the environment pays, often contaminating the soil, groundwater and nearby rivers and hitting the wildlife hard. Investing in fuel-saving equipment can help save your business money in the long run. There are many benefits of using bunded fuel tanks for your business as they protect the environment and their two-layer design helps to prevent leaks which reduces the amount of fuel your business wastes.

How to be more eco-friendly at work by recycling more

If your business is considering how to be more eco-friendly this year, then the first step you can make is by simply recycling more. It’s not just paper and cardboard we can recycle from the office, computers can also be scrapped in a more eco-friendly way. Desktops, laptops and printers can all be donated to specialist recycling companies, who can salvage the parts which have not been worn out and put them to good use elsewhere. Council recycling points, charities, and even major retailers are picking up on the trend for recycling tech by offering electrical recycling services, so make sure you take advantage!

Promote online meetings and long-distance phone calls

Technology means we now live in a much more ‘joined up’ world, where we’re all connected by the internet and telecommunications. Rather than paying to send your staff cross-country to business meetings or paying for them to fly overseas, many of these ‘face-to-face’ interactions could just as easily take place online. Digital meeting platforms have grown in popularity during and after the pandemic, while many people are acutely conscious about the impact their air miles are having on CO2 emissions. Organise these things online and you immediately save on travel expenses and reduce your carbon footprint.

Going green is far from the costly exercise many business owners fear and done in the right way, it can actually save you a small fortune in the long term. Whether you are currently running a company or starting a business, look for more eco-friendly alternatives and you’ll almost certainly find staff morale is boosted, productivity increases and you offset the harm your enterprise may have been doing to the natural world.


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