How to Download GBA4iOS Emulator app on iPhone


Some of the biggest console games in the world, like the Mario series, and Pokémon still garner a huge following but, with more and more people turning to mobile devices for their gaming are these games about to lose all their fans? No. Although Apple doesn’t support any game format other than iOS, and certainly won’t support game emulator apps, there are ways of getting your favorite retro games onto your iPhone or iPad. For fans of the Gameboy range of consoles, we have an app called GBA4iOS. In case you’re a fan of adventure games like Battlefield 2042, you can even try these Battlefield hacks to become a pro at it.

What is GBA4iOS?

It is the most popular emulator app in the world, and it is one of the best methods for installing and playing Gameboy games on your iOS device. Many users will remember emulator apps like this from the jailbreak store, Cydia, but not everyone wants to jailbreak. And, to be fair, these days Cydia isn’t so freely available. With GBA4iOS, there’s no need to worry because, using a workaround that we found, it can easily be installed on your device so you can play those games as and when you want.

Is GBA4iOS Safe?

Yes. The developer is well-respected n the iOS community and takes pride in his work. He has ensured that GBA4iOS is entirely safe to use and, because it can work without Cydia, there is no need for root access, and that keeps your device secure. We put this emulator though some stringent tests too and can confirm it is completely safe.


Because GBA4iOS is an emulator app, allowing you to play GBA games on your device, there are some risks attached. First, the games you play are known as ROMS, which stands for Read-Only Memory. These are software copies of the games that you get on disc or cartridge to play on a console. Unless you own that disc or cartridge, it is illegal to download these ROMs because they are copyright protected. And Second, make sure you use anti-virus software on your iOS device and only download ROMs from reputable sources. If you choose to go ahead, you are doing so at your own risk.

How to Download GBA4iOS:

With all that said, there is an easy way to install GBA4iOS on your device. Its an external app installer called Emus4u that offers way more than just this emulator. When you install it, you get access to more than 2000 apps and games. Some of them are official paid apps for free; others are modified stock apps or games, also all for free.

  1. Download Emus4u app onto your device
  2. Open it and search for GBA4iOS using the search bar
  3. Tap the result, and the app page will load
  4. Tap on Install and then wait – GBA4iOS may take a few minutes to install

Untrusted Developer Error:

When you try to use Emus4u and GBA4iOS for the first time, you are going to see an Untrusted Developer error. Until you resolve this, you cannot use the app:

  1. Open your Settings app and go to General
  2. Open Profiles and find the developer name in the profiles list for the iPhone 8 Plus or earlier, the name will be Jiang Xi Microblog Technology Co, Ltd and on the iPhone X or above, it will be SAE Magnetics Dongguan Limited
  3. Tap it and Trust it
  4. That’s it; now you can play to your heart’s content

How to Use GBA4iOS to Download ROMS:

GBA4iOS contains a number of ROMS, but you do need to download them manually:

  1. Launch GBA4iOS emulator app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. In the top-right of the screen is a search button – tap it
  3. There are 11 game series options to choose from – tap on one and tap on Preferred Version
  4. Choose your version and tap Download
  5. Tap on Save and let the ROM download
  6. The game will be available from the GBA4iOS home screen.

If you want other ROMS, simply run a Google search and do the same

Deleting GBA4iOS:

If, for any reason you don’t want GBA4iOS on your device any longer, there are two very easy ways to delete it:

Method 1: Settings App

  1. Open Settings and tap on General > Profiles
  2. Find the app profile and tap it
  3. Tap on Delete and then Delete to confirm

Method 2. App Icon

  1. Find and long-press the app icon on your home screen
  2. When it starts to wiggle, tap the cross in the top corner of the icon
  3. Tap Delete on the popup message

Both methods will remove GBA4iOS immediately.

GBA4iOS has proven very popular and is incredibly easy to use. If you miss your favorite retro games but don’t want to jailbreak, this is the app for you.


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