How To Make A Bucolic Garden Inspired By Period Drama Bridgerton


An expert shares his advice and tips for recreating a Bridgerton-inspired regencycore garden no matter the size of your yard.

With season two of Bridgerton airing on the 25th of March, it’s no surprise that searches for ‘Bridgerton gardens’ have spiked by 382 per cent this past month. And luxury gazebo and garden room retailers Crown Pavilions, have also noticed an increase in sales of gazebos as a result.

“We’ve seen sales of luxury gazebos rise by 60 per cent over the last year especially after the first season of Bridgerton aired,” said Luke Dejahang, CEO of Crown Pavilions.

With this in mind we asked Luke to share some top tips on how you can make your garden more ‘Bridgerton’ no matter what size it is (or what season)!

Choose the right plants

Wisteria droops all over the Bridgerton family house, and in fact, eBay searches for the violet climbing plant rose by 300 per cent following the show’s launch.

“Although extremely beautiful, wisteria can be seasonally sensitive, so you can try these flowers instead – Lilac, Lavender and Buddlia are all lovely options. Also, Crocuses and Tulips in the early spring and Dahlia and Michamas Daisies in the autumn,” explained Luke.

Topiarised shrubs are a key feature of regency style gardens. It is essential to keep the lines clean and use potted topiary plants in clear geometrical shapes to section off different areas of the garden.

According to Luke: “Cones and balls are two of the easiest shapes to create and maintain.”

Create a garden sanctuary

Incorporating a garden room will give your outdoor space a luxurious focal point and it’s perfect for a stylish soirée.

The folly is one of the most memorable locations in the show, but not everyone has the space for a building of that size. Instead, you can add a small gazebo. Even the tiniest garden corner can be turned into your perfect sanctuary with Crown Pavilions’ premium quality timber gazebos that will look stunning all year round.

Luke said: “When it comes to what materials to use, it really comes down to personal preference. For some, gravel can be a nice contrast to the timber, especially Cotswold Chippings. Frustratingly, gravel (like wood chip) will migrate to other areas of your garden especially with high foot traffic. Many of our clients use flagstone paving to create pathways leading to their pavilions, these draw visitor’s eyes to their garden showpiece.”

Bridgerton is known for its extravagant flower arrangements so that you can decorate your garden room or gazebo with pots of aromatic flowers like peonies or star jasmine for a similar look.

Regency era inspired additions

Water features are a pivotal focal point for all regency style gardens and there is an additional benefit of the soothing sound of water.

“We’ve seen every type of garden water feature over the years. They don’t need to be grand to be noteworthy. Creating a small, circular pond with a single tier, regency style stone fountain will bring a touch of serenity and elegance to any garden,” explained Luke.

Similarly, ornamentation and sculptures can add a subtle touch of regency.

Are you inspired to transform your garden into a regency style estate? We are sure this season will serve some more garden looks, so it’s better to get on top of that quickly if you want to impress all your guests in your next garden ball.


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