How to Put Up a Travel Cot + Babyway Classic Travel Cot Review

I bought our Babyway Classic Travel Cot about two years ago when we were going on a weekend away with friends and on a Lake District holiday. Our firstborn daughter had just turned one and we needed somewhere for her to sleep safely on these trips. After that, we didn’t use it for nearly two years because we’ve just not been anywhere where we needed a travel cot — other than Sweden but I bought another one that’s pretty much the same but by a brand available in Sweden to keep at my mum’s house.

This item is an essential for us when we’re going away somewhere with the kids. If you’re travelling with pets too, Kitty Cat Reviews has put together a list of good travel carriers for cats.

Last week, I got the travel cot out again because we now have a second baby and she’s on the move! There’s nowhere upstairs where she can play safely as her sister is still using the normal cot as a toddler bed. We co-sleep with Baby No. 2 so she doesn’t have a cot that can be used as a play pen. I can’t believe the difference in my sanity now! I get the travel cot out every day and use it as a play pan so that my baby can play safely while I do some work on the computer, put the washing away or give the toddler a bath.

Having not used the Babyway travel cot for so long, I’d forgotten the knacks of putting it up quickly and got flustered trying to get the frame to click into place. After a few minutes of getting sweaty, I googled “How to Put Up a Babyway Travel Cot” and found the video below:

It is so easy and quick — you just have to keep the middle up until all four sides have clicked into place around the top, then you push the middle down. Easy! I can now put it up in seconds like a pro and I love using it daily.

This travel cot/play pen is suitable from birth until three years old or up to 15kgs. The size is 780 x 1190 x 600mm and the cot comes with a thin base mattress that also wraps around the folded up bed when you put it away. If we can, we take our regular cot mattress with us on trips as it’s the same size as the travel cot. Our regular mattress is 1200 x 600 mm and from IKEA. This travel mattress fits it too.

The travel cot packs away neatly into a storage/carry bag with handles and this makes it easy to store, travel with and keep it clean.

It’s a sturdy travel cot with a padded central locking rigid frame and mesh windows so that you can easily see your baby and your baby can see you. The material is easy to clean with a cloth.

I really love this travel cot and it’s now being used each and every day to ensure I get some stuff done and my littlest one can play without bumping into things or getting to things or areas that are not suitable for her. She’s also safe away from her sister’s reach and gets to have her toys to herself for a little while which is nice for her.


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