How To Tell If You Have Psychic Abilities


There are people who are blessed to have extrasensory perception, allowing them to see, feel, or hear information which is otherwise hidden to the normal human senses. These individuals are often referred to as psychics and in this modern day and age, psychics are geared towards helping other people. If you are wondering whether you may have psychic abilities, below are some of the signs that can either confirm or negate your suspicion.

Strong gut feeling

Gut feeling, or intuition is an experience that is unique to humans. It can keep you safe or serve as warning about certain people or energies that you need to stay away from. While intuition is innate in most people, having strong gut feelings which more often than not come true, is also one of the most common indications that you may have psychic abilities. You can learn how to enhance your psychic abilities by first trusting your intuition rather than ignoring it. Thus, start acknowledging your gut reactions, particularly when it comes to people, places, or situations.

Vivid dreams and visions

Another sign that you may possess psychic abilities is if you often encounter vivid dreams or visions. Your visions may appear to be very strong, scary, intense or just a mere flash in your mind, but like your intuition, your visions also come true in real life. Your visions can happen either when you are alone or in the middle of the crowd. It can even occur as you are visiting a historic place or a location that is unfamiliar to you. You may disregard this as a mere deja vu, but in reality, you are a psychic, with abilities that are yet to be discovered.

In the same manner, your vivid dreams are also an indication of your special abilities. They can either be frequent or infrequent, but note that they are extremely realistic, leaving you with a distinct impression. Your dreams may even include visitations from spirits who leave you with a particular message.

In line with visitations from the spirits in your dreams, you may also encounter ghost visitations. The reason behind this is that ghosts and spiritual energies are more attracted to the energy of a person with a psychic ability. You may encounter a full apparition of simply feeling unnatural when a spirit is near. Thereby, next time, pay more attention to what you are seeing, hearing, and touching even in your visions and dreams, as well as in your reality.

Feeling strong emotions

Have you ever felt like crying intensely because of extremely feeling sad but you are really not sure where this feeling comes from? After a while you receive a call from your mom on the other side of the globe, crying and telling you that her sister, or your aunt, passed away. If you have encountered this scenario not once, but too many times, then it is another indication that you have psychic abilities.

If you are able to feel what others feel so strongly that your energy is drained afterwards, then this is an indication that you may be an empath. While you can use this in a beneficial manner, to help others with compassion, you may also opt for self isolation too. The reason behind this is that as an empath, being too close or intimate with someone, or being out in the middle of the crowd can consume you. The best way to go about this is to learn more about your feelings and how the feelings of others affect you and vice versa to be able to handle this well.

Seeing lights and colors around living beings

Psychics often see a certain ray of light or a particular hue surrounding another living being. If you do see this manifestation, then there is a great chance that you have special abilities too. More often than not, flashes of lights and pops of colors is a sign that there is another spirit that is near that being and you are able to detect them. It can be that they are trying to communicate with you.

To wrap things up, you may have psychic abilities if you have strong gut feelings that often come true or vivid dreams and visions that sooner or later become a reality. Otherwise, you may be feeling extremely strong emotions or seeing lights and colors around living beings. If you feel like you possess all these, then there is a great chance that you have psychic abilities, which you can channel in and enhance for the greater good.


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