How You Can Support Your Children When They Are Exploring Their Musical Talents


A lot of children of various ages from infant school (and some even earlier) right through to late teens have the urge to learn to play music. Some, in fact, are drawn to certain types of instruments either because of the way they look, how they sound, or even due to being inspired by a prominent musician.

If your child shows an interest in playing music for whatever reason you should try to support them and encourage their newfound interest as there are many benefits to learning music.

#1 Supply them with an instrument

It is no secret; musical instruments are expensive. However, this is no reason for your child or your children not to aspire to learning to play one. You do not have to buy a brand-new instrument, as there are other options open to you. For instance, you could purchase one from the second-hand market for a fraction of its original cost.

You may have to figure into this the purchase price of new reeds if it requires one or getting the instrument re-tuned, but even so, this shouldn’t add too much to the initial payout. If this is still a little out of your price range, some businesses will hire their musical instruments to budding artists for a small monthly fee, or the school might have a program to join.

#2 Encourage their learning

You should encourage their learning and support them with their daily practices no matter how sensitive your ears are or badly the practice sessions go. Of course, as they progress you will find that this becomes less painful and a lot more enjoyable.

Finding tutors can also be relatively easy even if you live out in the back of beyond. This is thanks to websites such as YouTube. Budding musicians and those wishing to aid other budding musicians supply tutorial videos with various competencies and musical achievements or of course you can go the old-fashioned way and sign up with a music teacher for face-to-face lessons.

You may find that converting your garage or another area of your home into a music studio could be a good idea. That way you will be able to install some soundproofing to ensure that your neighbours will still be content with your child’s practise levels.

#3 Provide secure transport

Once your child gets proficient it is likely that they will want to show off their talent. Attending and playing at gigs or concerts will certainly become the norm. In the early days, mum and dad will no doubt be volunteered to play ‘roadie’ and this will entail transporting equipment and instruments backward and forwards to different venues.

For this, you will probably want a large car or preferably a van. Regardless of what type of vehicle you opt for you are going to have to make sure that it is secure while it is unattended. A slam lock from VanSecure for instance is the perfect way to lock your vehicle’s doors quickly and easily and makes sure that your rushing teen can’t leave the door open! But there are other forms of locks and shields available.

Final thoughts

Although supporting your child with their musical desires will at times prove to be a big investment for you and not only financially but with time as well, it will be highly beneficial for all that are concerned. As your child progresses and practices the better they will get and the more enjoyment you and your child will get.


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