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What Happened To Hywel Griffiths Face? Everything On His Skin ConditionTable of Contents
Hywel Griffiths is a Welshish television BBC News Correspondent, suffering from some sort of skin disorder which caused him a lot of trouble on his face. Let us know more about Hywel Griffiths.
Hywel joined BBC in 200 as a graduate trainee. After that, his career build-up and he became the BBC wales health correspondent in 2005.
He was appointed as BBC news correspondent for Australia and New Zealand.
Hywel Griffiths
Hywel Griffiths Face And Skin Disease
There are lots of google searches made about Hywel’s face. 
There was a time when his face occurred with some sort of disorder according to the viewers. Hywel never openly spoke about his face and skin problems. 
Some said it was because of the heat of Australia and some said it is Vitiligo. 
There is no exact confirmation about his face problem and Hywel never spoke about it. So, we could only make guesses about them. @hywel_griffith do you have vitiligo? I too have it on my face, torso, hands and legs. I got it when I was 15. Do you have other auto immune diseases?
— onebigtoewyatt (@bigtoewyatt) September 16, 2020  Hywel Griffiths Age- How Old Is He?
Hywel Griffiths’s age is around 35-40 years old. 
His exact age is not mentioned on any f the platform and has kept it a secret. Hywel was born and raised in Wales, UK. 
Hywel Griffiths Wikipedia 
Hywel Griffiths does have a Wikipedia with very little information on it. 
Griffiths was a student of the Bristol University. He graduated in 1999 before taking his master’s degree.
Likewise, he did his master’s in Medieval History from Queens College, Cambridge. He graduated with a master’s in 2000.
He was transferred to Sydney in 2005, as an Australian correspondent. He returned as a BBC Wales correspondent in 2019. Cyclone Debbie continues to pummel Australia’s northeast coast @hywel_griffith reports on the disaster response plan. pic.twitter.com/fh2njIDflH
— BBC Asia (@BBCNewsAsia) March 28, 2017 Hywel Griffiths Wife- Is He Married?
Hywel Griffiths is a married man, according to some Tweets. 
But he has not revealed his personal life in public. He has kept his private life out of the media. 
Insight On Hywel Griffiths Net Worth
Griffiths net worth is not revealed yet. It could be estimated anywhere between $100K to $200K.
There is no information about his net worth on any of the social media or any other platform.
His salary is estimated to be around 40000-50000 Euro. This is the basic salary of the other BBC correspondent. 


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