Hywel Griffiths Face And Skin Disease — Hywel Griffiths Face Condition


Hywel Griffiths is a Welsh television news correspondent whose skin has always caught the attention of the audience. 

This is because he was born and raised in Wales.

He read a subject named History at Bristol University, graduating in 1999 before taking a Master’s Degree in Medieval History at Queens College, Cambridge, where he graduated in 2000.

He started his journalistic career as a graduate trainee with the BBC in the year 2000.

Quick Facts:

NameHywel Griffiths
EducationCardigan Secondary School, University of Bristol University of Cambridge

Hywel Griffiths Face And Skin Disease

Hywel Griffiths has never openly spoken about his face and skin problems.

Many people said that it was because of the heat of Australia, and some say it is Vitiligo.

There is no exact confirmation about information related to his face problem.

Hywel Griffiths Face Condition

Hywel Griffiths’s face condition is good at present.

There seems to be no issue with his face.

More About Hywel Griffiths

Hywel Griffiths is an employer at BBC.

He took a placement with the BBC Wales Cardiff newsroom as Wales Health Correspondent in the year 2005 before he became Wales Correspondent in the year 2012 to cover new stories.

In 2016, he was appointed BBC news correspondent for countries like Australia and New Zealand at its base in Sydney before carrying out reporting assignments across Europe, the USA, and the Caribbean.

Later, he returned to BBC Wales in 2019.


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