‘I should go’ Naga Munchetty mortified as Francis Rossi threatens to walk off


‘I should go’ Naga Munchetty mortified as Francis Rossi threatens to walk off

Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt welcomed Status Quo’s Francis Rossi onto BBC Breakfast to discuss the band’s upcoming tour and the compilation album he’s curated of the biggest rock anthems from the 80s. However, when the musician explained why there were certain songs he disliked when he first heard them, Francis threatened to leave the BBC interview before Naga and Charlie urged him to stay. 

Charlie began: “I’m fascinated, Francis when you said about the bands you deliberately didn’t like because of competition. Who are you talking about?”

“I think there’s that, I remember Iron Maiden being one of them. Leon Cave the drummer with Status Quo and Richard Malone, if Bruce Dickinson they’re [starstruck].

“It was something I had to understand and over the years there’s been acts I might look at on the TV and think, ‘I don’t like him’.

“Years ago, the band Sweet, I just didn’t like one of the guys in the band and then I met him and he was the guy in the band.”

“Whether it’s the competition or whether I just became a regular punter who doesn’t like someone for whatever reason. People look at him and think, ’No’ and then they hear him and it’s even worse.”

“I should get off now…,” Francis declared before both Charlie and Naga shouted out: “No!”

“It’s quite amusing,” Naga remarked and Charlie added: “It’s reassuring because we all do that a little bit. 

“We make a judgement about what we think about someone that affects how we feel about the music.”

“You’re clever aren’t you?” Francis hit back. “I think being really honest, the song.

“But we know what the video did which is why you asked me that. It had a strong effect and it did what it was supposed to do, stir people’s imaginations.”

“It’s quite unusual to have a video take you back to a moment in time,” Naga commented. “It’s usually songs that take you back to a moment in time.”

“Well yes but that video was designed to do that and at the time it was quite [racy],” the musician replied.

The song is best known for its video which features Robert singing in front of five mannequin-like models. 

BBC Breakfast viewers took to Twitter to praise the Status Quo singer as one wrote: “I like Francis Rossi seems a down to earth bloke. #BBCBreakfast.”

“This Francis Rossi interview on #bbcbreakfast is very interesting isn’t it? #statusquo,” a mother said.

While a third added: “Francis Rossi describing getting old, brilliantly! #bbcbreakfast.”


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