Ian Towning Wikipedia Age, Family Partner And Net Worth


Ian Towning Wikipedia Family: Learn Everything About The Antiques Dealer
Ian Towning is not featured on Wikipedia yet but he is an antique dealer for decades.
Ian Towning is precisely known to be the antique dealer from Chelsea, England.
The co-owner of the antiques emporium Bourbon-Hanby Antique Centre, Towning has been in the business for several decades.
Further, he is also known to the regular viewers as he has appeared in the Antique expert show Dickinson’s Real Deal on ITV 1.
In addition, the veteran is also famous for his appearance in Posh Pawn which aired on Channel 4.
Currently, Towning has developed his own website along with his partner.
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Ian Towning Wikipedia Details
The Antique dealer Ian Towning has not been recognized by Wikipedia.
However, he is known to be a successful antique dealer gaining recognition throughout the national and international markets.
Ian established his first antique unit ‘Chelsea Antiques Market’ on the King’s Road, Chelsea in 1976.
Operating the business for over 2 decades, he decided to close the market and provide something new and special to the guests.
The year 1997 saw the inception of the legendary Bourbon-Hanby Arcade as it is now an established antique arcade located in the corner of Sydney Street and King’s Road.
The place is now well-known as ‘The Jewel in the Crown’.
Towning was heavily injured on 2008 after he fought back against the three men arming with sledgehammers and guns who robbed his antique centre.
Ian Towning Age: How Old Is He?
Ian Towning’s age is 73 years old.
He was born in 1946 and he is known to celebrate his birthday on the 9th of January every year.
Revealing his celebration from his 70th birthday, the antique expert visited Malta and Gozo with his partner.
Further, he is known to start his early business at the age of 28 and his current venture when he was 49.
Who Are Ian Towning Family? His Partner Revealed.
Ian Towning comes from a royal family background as the name of his arcade is derived from his mother’s side.
He is revealed to be the descendent of Bourbon from the Indian Royal Bourbon family.
The legacy dated back to 1560 and at the end of the family tree, his grandmother Mary Agnes continued the heritage followed by his mother and his nephew Arun.
Regarding the details of his partner, he is living blissfully with his Les Barrett.
Towning calls Barrett his husband but the official date of their marriage is not revealed as of now.
The couple owns the Bourbon-Hanby Antique Centre. Ian Towning Net Worth
Ian Towning has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million according to Net Worth Post.
He has been a successful owner of his business and is believed to earn a massive fortune from his commendable career.


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