I’m A Celebrity: David Ginola divides viewers as he clashes with Naughty Boy


I’m A Celebrity viewers have criticised David Ginola after he clashed with Naughty Boy tonight.

David took issue with the DJ after Naughty Boy suggested David would be a good choice to do the Bushtucker trial.

However, David wasn’t happy and said he didn’t want to be pointed out to do it.

What happened between David Ginola and Naughty Boy on I’m A Celebrity?

David told Naughty Boy: “We shouldn’t point at someone, when you want to keep the spirit right you don’t point at someone.

“You should let the random work.”

Naughty Boy replied: “I think personally you want to do the trial but you didn’t want to say it. My intention of saying that you should do it was based on your first trial which I was there.

“I could see you enjoy it.”

However, David hit back: “I would never, never point at someone and say, ‘well you should do it.’

“I don’t care.”

Danny Miller defended David and said in the Telegraph: “He’s just a very proud man, David.

“I think it’s just knowing how to speak to him. When’s the right time to say and when’s not the right time to say it.”

Naughty Boy told David around the campfire: “There was no need for you to say to me who do I think I am.

“I’m just not allowing this to simmer. There was no need for him to say that. He made me feel a certain way by saying that.

“I’m not just going to sit here and not say how I feel.”

David then walked off and said in the Telegraph: “It’s very simple, nobody point at me and say, ‘You should do that.’ I decide for myself, that’s it, simple as that. I am still David Ginola, it’s me, it’s about me, it’s about what I am, and nobody is saying to me what I should do, OK? I think it’s going to be a long week.”

The pair later hugged it out and cleared the air.

What did viewers say?

However, viewers were divided over the spat, with many criticising David’s reaction to Naughty Boy.

One person said on Twitter: “Bit of an extreme reaction from David. Was one my faves before but gone off him now. Naughty wasn’t the only one who said David.”

Another wrote: “Gone off David too now… no need for that really.”

A third added: “David is out for me now. Actually feel sorry for Naughty for once!”

Meanwhile, others defended David as one said: “David is right, why is Naughty Boy speaking for others.”

Another tweeted: “Personally I think David was perfectly in the right for expressing his opinion and telling Naughty Boy what he didn’t like or agree with.”


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