Influencer Nina Celie Angelo Is a Witness to Gabby Petiti Murder


Gabby Petiti murder case takes a significant turn after the introduction of the witness, Nina Celie Angelo.

The Gabby Petiti case got quite wide open when a witness stepped up with some important details. An avid Instagram user, Nina Celie Angelo shared a story about witnessing a fight between Gabby and her husband in a restaurant.

Gabby became a subject of an internet storm after she disappeared for almost a month until her body was found a few days ago. And still, people on social media are trying their best to find her killer.

Her fiance, Brian Laundrie is a prime suspect and he is on the run.

Fact Check: Gabby Petiti Death was a Murder

Gabby Petiti death was confirmed a few days back after her remains were found in Wyoming.

There were a lot of anticipations that her death was a murder and her fiance is the prime suspect. But a new witness has stepped forward and everything seems more clear than ever.

Nina Celie Angelo came forward on Instagram stating that she had further information about the case. According to her claims, she saw Gabby and her fiance fighting in a restaurant.

With new facts and witnesses lining up, it is more probable that Gabby Petito’s death was a murder.

Gabby Petiti Age and Parents: Is She on Wikipedia?

Gabby Petiti was a 22-year-old woman who disappeared in late August.

She became the subject of national concern when her disappearance garnered a lot of attention from the press and social media. Her remains were found in Wyoming a few days ago.

Her parents reported Gabby Petito’s disappearance after she didn’t return home for a long time. Her fiance returned back on September 1 but decided not to speak about her, as per her Wikipedia.

But when she didn’t come home even after 10 days, the family reported it to the police. Her fiance, Brian Laundrie is yet to be found.

Nina Celie Angelo Instagram: Who is she?

Nina Celie Angelo is a witness who recalled the incident involving Gabby Petiti and Brian Laundrie on Instagram.

As per her Insta post, she saw two of them in a Mexican restaurant in Wyoming on August 27. Nina was in the same restaurant with her boyfriend.


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