Interesting facts about Bass fish


Bass is a name that described several species of fish. Most of the ones that we will talk about in this article can be found in the United States, but there are temperate basses that can also be caught in Europe, such as the seabass, the striped bass, and the white bass. These all are part of the family Moronidae.

If you’re planning a fishing trip to the United States, you need to take your bass fishing rod and reel with you. But, before anything, you have to do your homework regarding the specifics of this type of fish. There are many variations. Some of them are smaller while others are larger, and they all live in different areas of the USA.

Let’s look at some cool facts about basses.

They are rather smart

Apparently, they are some of the most intelligent fish species in the world. They can learn from their mistakes, which is why you won’t be able to target the same fish twice if you use the same type of line and lure. In actuality, some can be as smart so as to remember the types of tackle fishers have used on them before, which will make them avoid them in the future.

They are active in a broad range of water temperatures

As you probably know by now, fish are very diverse when it comes to their water temperature requirements. There are species that cannot survive in water that’s too cold or too hot. That doesn’t necessarily apply to bass fish, though. They can function just as well in water that’s almost frigid, in the range of 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, as they do in water with a temperature ranging from 80 to 90 degrees.

Bass is one of the most resilient fish in the world, and that’s why it can handle a lot of temperature variations. The feeding habits of the species are also versatile. Besides, the bass is strong and feisty, and that’s why it can put up a serious fight when you’re trying to catch it.

It’s one of the most popular game fish in the world

Part of what has anglers hooked when it comes to bass is that it can be found almost anywhere. If you intend to organize a fishing trip to the United States, you’ll come across species such as the largemouth, the smallmouth, as well as the spotted bass.

It can even be found in some areas of South Africa, but in this area, it usually lives in lakes, creeks, dams, as well as rivers. Lures and live bait are winners when it comes to targeting this particular species.

How long do they live?

One of the oldest largemouth basses ever to have lived was 23 years old and was caught in New York. Typically, the smallmouth variety can live between six and twelve years with a maximum of 15. Largemouth bass fish are a bit more resilient in this sense as they can easily reach the age of fifteen. The southern varieties usually live for ten to twelve years, though.


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