Is Amanda Staveley Cross Eyed? Everything About Illness And Face Surgery Of Newcastles’ First Lady


Amanda Staveley suffers from an illness known as Huntington’s disease, which is a genetic condition where a defect is inherited from parents in chromosome 4.

Amanda Staveley is a British businesswoman. She is currently based in Dubai and operates her business from there. She does have a residence in London and owns a home there as well.

Staveley is well known for her connection with the middle eastern investors, she recently helped a  Saudi consortium to take over New Castel Football Club in a deal that was completed in October 2021, she is trending on the internet after the deal is completed.

Let us learn more about Amanda Staveley and take a closer look at her illness and her surgery.

What Is Amanda Staveley Illness?

Amanda Staveley was diagnosed with an illness called Huntington’s disease.

It is a genetic condition where a child inherits a defective chromosome 4 from his/her parents.

Inheritance is dominant meaning people with the defective chromosome will eventually develop the disease.

Staveley was diagnosed with the condition back in the year 2013 according to a report published by The Sun.

People who suffer from Huntington’s disease develop a progressive brain disorder.

Huntington’s disease brain changes lead to alterations in mood, especially depression, anxiety, and uncharacteristic anger and irritability.

The disease is usually diagnosed in the age group of 30 to 50 years old, but sometimes it can be seen as early as 2 years old and as late as 80 years old according to Alzheimer’s Association.

Amanda Staveley Eyes: Is She Cross-Eyed?

Amanda Staveley is said to be cross-eyed by several people on the internet.

However, she has not confirmed anything about having cross-eyes on the web or among the general public as of now.

Amanda seems to have cross-eyes in some of her images but her other images look properly fine with normal eyes.

Some of the internet users on various discussion forums suspect Amanda to be crossed eyes as well, In fact, an internet user with the username Gobuchul on Ready To Go claims her to be a bit cross-eyed.

Has Amanda Staveley Done Face Surgery?

Amanda Staveley hasn’t said if she’ll have face surgery.

Many individuals on the internet, however, say she has had one. The structure of her face appears to be the source of the rumors. One person even stated that her face is strange and that she underwent surgery to make her appear like a cat.

Amanda has yet to respond to the allegations, either affirmatively or negatively. Speculations, on the other hand, are rampant. Her followers are most likely making up ridiculous stories, although there may be some truth in them according to Celebhook.

Regardless, unless Amanda speaks out about the facial surgery, the situation is up to interpretation.


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