Is Billy Gilmour Gay? His Sexuality And Homophobic Chant Pointed Towards The Footballer


Is Billy Gilmour gay? Footballer Billy receives Homophobic chants against Norwich during the game. Where did it come from?

Billy Gilmour is a Scottish professional footballer who plays in a midfielder position for Norwich City.

He is 19 years old as he was born on 11 June 2001 in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Moreover, He joined Chelsea in 2017 after turning down a professional contract with Rangers.

Is Billy Gilmour Gay? Sexuality Revealed

No, Billy Gilmour is not gay.

It is confirmed that Footballer Billy Gilmour’s gay sexuality rumors are false.

There’s a difference between joking about someone being gay and joking about someone selling sex.

People genuinely don’t think you can type it here without an auto-ban. It’s a song referencing a Chelsea neonazi getting caught shagging a male who sold sex.

The term ‘Rentboy’ got widely known after a horrendous documentary aired in the 70s called ‘Johnny, Go Home.’

These were now homeless and hungry kids who now got preyed on by the drug dealers and pimps who operate around those areas.

They are given accommodation and fed by these false friends who also get them into a drug habit. Before they know it, they need to get cash fast to pay for their keep and addiction.

That’s when they end up selling themselves; a well knows place for this to take place was “Chelsea.”

Does Billy Gilmour Have A Girlfriend?

Footballer Billy Gilmour is rumored to be dating his girlfriend, Sophie Weber.

Sophie Weber is a German model who found it very difficult to adjust to life. She has never been away from her boyfriend Billy for so long and couldn’t bear the thought of being away.

This German girl Sophie has a love for roleplaying, and she once partied with her man Billy, who dressed up as Harry Potter when back home.

Sophie Weber and Billy are not married yet, but they are dating each other for a very long time.

Furthermore, Billy Gilmour does not have a wife.

Billy Gilmour Homophobic Chant Explained

Liverpool Football Club has condemned homophobic chants aimed at Norwich’s on-loan Chelsea midfielder Billy Gilmour by some of their fans during the game.

Another reason why rival fans popularised the chant was that the Earl’s Court area in London, near Stamford Bridge, was a spot to pick up male prostitutes.

However, the term ‘rent boy’ is homophobic, as brilliantly explained by a fan nicknamed Tim. Tim’s post was retweeted by Kop Outs!, an organization for Liverpool’s LGBT fans.


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