Is Colson Smith Married? Get To Know His Partner And Girlfriend


Who is Colson Smith partner? See if he is married or not. He has gone through a praiseworthy body transformation. Let us find out.

Colson is a young actor seen in English Shop Operas in the British TV Show Coronation Street where he plays the role of Craig Smith.

Smith is in the spotlight lately for his impressive weight loss. Following which he released a documentary about his weight loss journey.

The documentary titled ‘Bored of being the fat kid’ release on Youtube on June 2, 2021. Here are things we know about the promising actor.

Colson Smith Parter: Is He Married?

Colson Smith does not have a partner- he is not married.

He is currently single and looking for the right partner for now.

The actor shared about being trolled for his overweight for more than ten years in a recent interview.

However, he worked very hard to achieve is a fit body now. He looks taller and more gentle after losing a massive amount of weight.

Additionally, the Corrie actor also said that he is completely alone and isolated but looking after himself these days.

Furthermore, there were rumors about him being gay. But it is totally false.

Colson Smith Age and Wikipedia

Colson Smith’s age is 22 years old as of May 2021.

He was born in the year 1998, and his birthday is on August 13.

According to astrology, he belongs to the Leo sign.

Colson Smith bagged some highly demanding roles from an early age. He has acted in The Selfish Giant (2013), Jail House Dog (2014), etc.

However, his big break was in Coronation Street in the year 2011.

Furthermore, Smith is also notable for his work in the shop opera web series Platform2C.

Colson Smith Family

Colson Smith was born in an English family in Castleford.

However, he spent his first five years of life in Dorchester and the remainder in Yorkshire.

The actor also played cricket at Castleford High School at his young age.

Moreover, the Coronation Street actor considers his co-star Ben Price as a flatmate and a second father.


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