Is Conor Gallagher Gay? His Sexuality And Homophobic Chant Abuse Amid at Crystal Palace Midfielder


After homophobic words were chanted to Conor Gallagher at last night’s game, people have started questioning if Conor Gallagher is gay? 

Leeds United has denounced homophobic shouting directed towards Crystal Palace midfielder Conor Gallagher during Thursday night’s encounter at Elland Road.

During the first half of Leeds’ 1-0 win against Palace, Gallagher was taunted by the home fans as a “Chelsea rent boy,” a game that promoted the Premier League’s Rainbow Laces anti-homophobia campaign.

The chanting erupted when Gallagher, the on-loan Chelsea midfielder Leeds attempted to recruit in the summer, was cautioned for a tackle on Rafinha.

Is Conor Gallagher Gay? Sexuality & Homophobic Chant Explained

Conor Gallagher hasn’t identified himself as gay, and his being homosexual is relatively low.

The question about his sexuality was generated when homophobic chants were thrown at him during his match at Crystal palace last night.

During the first half of Leeds’ 1-0 triumph over Palace, Gallagher was taunted by the home fans as a Chelsea rent boy.

A rent boy is a term exclusively for a gay male prostitute who is considered homophobic.

The homophobic taunts toward him don’t mean that he is gay. The fans were trying to down the morale of Conor as his team was winning.

Well, the chants have angered the club’s LGBTQ fans. Marching Out Together, the club’s LGBT+ supporters organization, issued remarks and an online video last month imploring fans to refrain from using racist chants before games against Tottenham and Brighton.

Statement after last nights homophobic chants aimed towards Conor Gallagher.

— Chelsea Pride ⭐️⭐️ (@ChelseaPride_) December 1, 2021

Does Conor Gallagher Have A Girlfriend? 

Aine May Kennedy is the girlfriend of Conor Gallagher. Even though the couple is not married, various media outlets have identified her as Connor’s future bride.

Aine is a social media influencer and professional dancer from Ireland. She has constantly been rooting for her partner both on and off the field.

It wasn’t revealed when the couple met, but we can see they are happy and grateful to have each other. In addition, the young pair has been reported to be in a live-in relationship since 2018.

Aine’s support for Cannar has also been received with some criticism. According to caughtoffside, she mentioned the club West Brom, where Connor was on loan from Chelsea.

She posted her surprise over why he was benched on her Instagram account rather than utilized to his full potential.

Meet Conor Gallagher Family

Talking about the Conor Gallagher family, football runs in their blood.

Conor Gallagher’s older brothers, Daniel and Jordan, are both non-league players.

Conor was born to parent Samantha and Lee Gallagher. Gallagher’s family is a Chelsea supporter, and he lives in Cobham, which is a 10-minute drive from the club’s training site.

Conor Gallagher said that his family sobbed tears of delight after scoring his first goal for Charlton Athletic against Stoke in a 3-1 win.

He described his emotion when he scored his first goal as “out of this world.” It was the most excellent sensation he’d ever had in his life. He was thrilled to see his parents and my brothers in attendance.

Conor Gallagher:

“My dream is to play for Chelsea. It’s the club I’ve loved since I was a little boy. I’m willing to do whatever I can, to work as hard as possible to achieve that. It will make my family so proud, it will make me proud of myself.”#CFC

— Absolute Chelsea (@AbsoluteChelsea) February 10, 2020


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