Is Joe Gilgun Married To His Wife? Net Worth and Tattoos


Joe Gilgun is not married and does not have a wife. Let us learn more about the actor.

Joseph Gilgun is an English actor known for several roles, including Vinnie O’Neil in the Sky One series Brassic.

Between 1994 and 1997, Gilgun played little tearaway Jamie Armstrong in Coronation Street as a child actor. He started acting professionally when he was ten years old.

Is Joe Gilgun Married To His Wife?

Gilgun’s marital status has been discussed many times before as well. He developed a close relationship with his co-stars from the “This is England” stories.

They were referred to in the interviews as “the gang.” Gilgun is not yet married, and at this point of the time, he is still single.

His birthdate was on March 9, 1984 in the United Kingdom. He is 37 years of age, and considering his age, he must be having a romantic relationship.

You never know that he might be keeping his relationship behind the curtain. He might want to avoid unnecessary comments usually celebrities’ partners have to go through.

His rumored girlfriend Vicky McClure is married now and lives in Nottingham with Welsh director Jonny Owen. On December 28, she got engaged.

On various media sources and even in a podcast, Gilgun’s bipolar disorder was mentioned. Gilgun himself talked about the effects it has on his life.

It is believed that the show Brassic featured many stories made on his life story.

Learn about Joe Gilgun’s Net Worth and Tattoos

Gilgun started his career in the movie industry when he was too young. Some of his movies and series got hit. His estimated net worth is $3 million.

His income source is from the movie he played. Apart from movies, his other sources of income are not known. He stands 6 feet tall, but his weight is not known.

He has multiple tattoos on his arms with a tattoo including, “Lol.” In one of the movies, the word ‘lol’ reminds his character’s, true love.

So basically, his tattoos are not just tattoos but carry a meaning of his life. The biggest tattoo that was inked on him was made on his chest.

Meet Joe Gilgun Girlfriend

There was a rumor that Gilgun was dating Vicky Mcclure, but there was no solid proof. The handsome actor must be the crush of many women.

To this date, no one seems to be captivating his heart. Digging his social media accounts also doesn’t provide any lead to his relationship.


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