Is London’s Holborn a Good Area to Base an Office?


Holborn, also known as Midtown, is located between the City of London and the West End. Due to the close proximity of the law courts, this popular district is largely associated with the legal sector. However, Holborn is also home to different types of companies in other industries too. From large corporate headquarters to creative companies, this locality attracts a variety of business owners. Here are a few good reasons why you should make Holborn your base.

Why Holborn is an Excellent Area for Your Business

Holborn is a great area to base an office for a multitude of reasons. One compelling reason is the price. No matter how large or small your company is, the budget should always be factored into the decision of where to base an office. Despite the excellent location, offices in Holborn are generally much more reasonable when compared with other districts in Central London. With the rise in the cost of commercial rental properties in the West End, many people opt to base their business in neighbouring Midtown instead. Not to mention, there is a huge variety of office spaces to choose from. The Workplace Company is an office agency with a large selection of workspaces on offer. From serviced offices to offices on a lease, there is office space for all businesses in Holborn.

Great Location

Squeezed in between the West End and the City of London, Holborn is a fantastic location for business. Many major districts are a stone’s throw from Midtown. This includes Clerkenwell and Farringdon to the east and Covent Garden to the west. Furthermore, the Royal Courts of Justice are located in the area, which makes Holborn a prime location for legal firms. Holborn also boasts a number of cultural sites, and those who are interested in architecture don’t have to wander far to witness beautiful, historic buildings.

Stunning Workspace

Thanks to the stunning architecture in Midtown, this district is full of stunning office spaces. These grand buildings with exquisite interiors are fitted with practical interiors that are fit for a modern office. Working in magnificent buildings can have a positive effect on employees, and it will impress clients when they visit for business meetings.


When it comes to growing your business, Holborn is an efficient place to be. This area boasts a number of associations and clubs that will help you meet new clients, future employees, and investors. For instance, the Women in Business Network and the Midtown Business Club all host events in this district.

Increase in Popularity Over the Years

Due to the excellent location, the affordability of office space, and the stunning architecture, Holborn has risen in popularity over the years. For many, it is an affordable alternative to high-profile districts such as Mayfair. Although it has been a firm favourite for legal professionals for many years, many other companies with different backgrounds choose Holborn to base their offices. Small media companies, tech startups, and massive corporations call Midtown their home. A few notable businesses based in Holborn are Deloitte, Warner Bros, and REED.


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