Is Makka Pakka Really Dead Or Is It A Hoax?


Is Makka Pakka dead? The news of voice artist Justyn Towler death is all over the internet including Reddit. Is it a Hoax?

Justyn Towler, 38 is a British actor best known for being the voice behind Makka Pakka.

Justyn began acting at the young age of 10. And, some of his famous work includes In The Night Garden, The Marchioness Disaster e.t.c.

Moreover, the actor left his career in the entertainment industry and became a pastor. As per his LinkedIn profile, he has been working at the Renewal Christian Centre since 2011.

Is Makka Pakka Really Dead?

Makka Pakka is not dead. In fact, he is a fictional character.

He is one of the characters from a show called “In The Night Garden.” The show used to broadcast on the CBeebies channel.

However, the adult viewers are confused about him being dead or alive in the show. As Makka Pakka’s friend Iggle Piggle is said to be a dead sailor, the viewers are confused about how he is a friend of a dead creature.

guys I’m still alive, makka is not dead😝

— makka pakka (@lilmakkapakka) May 5, 2021

But none of the characters are actually dead. Interestingly, the Twitter account of Makka Pakka has made a tweet of him being alive.

Justyn Towler Death Or Hoax? Reddit Reaction

Justyn Towler voice artist does not seem to be dead.

However, the news of his death through Reddit and other online portals has made his well-wishers worried.

So, to clarify things, the news regarding Towler’s death is just a hoax.

So, there is nothing to be worried about as Justyn is perfectly fine

Justyn Wife And Family Explored

Justyn Towler is married to his beautiful wife Elizabeth Greenfield.

As per the source, the couple got married in the year 2005. Talking about his wife she is from Oxfordshire. Not much about her background and career is known.

Furthermore, speaking of his family, the couple was blessed with a daughter named Francesca Towler in 2013.

His Net Worth Explored

Mr. Towler’s net worth is off the record.

Nonetheless, we are confident that the actor has been living a pleasant life out of his accomplished career.


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