Is Tommy Walsh Ill? Details On His Health And Cancer Update 2022


The sudden weight loss of TV personality Tommy Walsh has left his fans to wonder if he is ill. Let”s find more about his health updates and illness.

Tommy Walsh is a TV personality, presenter, and celebrity builder. He is mostly known for his DIY television shows like Ground Force and Challenge Tommy Walsh.

He now lives in South Hackney with his family.

Besides being a TV personality and presenter he also runs his own building business and writes a book. He also had a small role in the film One.

Different news on Tommy being ill has created a concern for his fans.

Is Tommy Walsh Ill? Details On His Health And Cancer Update 2022

Different tweets about Tommy Walsh’s health made his fan speculate if Tommy Walsh is ill and have been curious to know details on health and his cancer update.

Though Tommy Walsh seemed to lose some weight he is not seriously ill and does not have cancer.

His fans were concerned about his weight loss and rumors of his cancers also spread.

However, the celebrity builder seems to be in good health and doesn’t seem to be seriously ill.

As a 65-year-old he might have some health issues but nothing serious has been reported as of now.

Recently, the 65-year-old Walsh was in the TV series Clean It, Fix It where the team of experts help people to recover their space. 

Former Ground presenter Walsh will also be presenting Homes Under the Hammer which screens on BBC One.

What Happened To Tommy Walsh – Breast Cancer?

As of now, Tommy Walsh does not have breast cancer and nothing serious has happened to him. 

However, Tommy did have a cancer scare in 2002. He found two lumps on his chest in 2002 and had a breast cancer scare. 

His family had a history of breast cancer with his sister and aunt being diagnosed with the same.

His sister was 31 years when she had a lumpectomy to remove the cancerous cells but his aunt left it untreated even after the diagnosis. 

Because of his family history, he got himself tested immediately and the results showed that the lumps were benign.

Tommy underwent surgery to remove the benign lumps.

Tommy admitted not having the idea that even men could get breast cancer and his experience was a wake-up call.

He is now vocal about breast cancer awareness for men and wants men to be more aware of their health.


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