Is William Lee-Kemp Related to Martin Kemp? Family Details To Explore


William Lee-Kemp is Jess Wright’s second husband. Find out everything there is to know about that beautiful guy and related to Martin Kemp.

Last week, Jess Wright married William Lee-Kemp in a magnificent wedding on Mallorca.

The wedding featured 12 bridesmaids, a church service, and a castle feast.

Bride Jess Wright looked every inch the stunning wife on Monday, as she impressed her Instagram followers with a plethora of sun-kissed images shot the day after their wedding.

There is no source of confirmation that William Lee-Kemp is related to Martin Kemp.

Martin John Kemp is an English actor, musician, and director.

Gary Kemp, a member of Spandau Ballet and an actor, is his younger brother.

Martin Kemp was a judge on the BBC program Let It Shine in 2017 after finishing third in the tenth series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2012.

Despite having such popularity, he hasn’t revealed his connection with William Lee-Kemp.

About William Lee-Kemp’s Parents And Family

For the time being, William Lee-Kemp has kept his parents’ identities secret from the public.

His parents’ names are similarly hidden below the drapes.

He has so far kept the occupation of his parents concealed from the public.

His wife, Jess Wright, is his present residence. The pair have been together for a long time and enjoy a great life together.

Details On  William’s Job And His Net Worth

William Lee-Kemp is a financial expert and the proprietor of a video production firm.

He hasn’t revealed his net worth to the general public yet. As a result, estimating the actual amount is problematic.

However, we can offer you a ballpark figure: his net worth must be in the $1-$5 million range.

As of August 27, 2021, the average CEO compensation in the United States was $775,900, with a salary range of $586,300 to $999,700.

He must have a yearly income of at least $100,000.

Who Is William Lee-Kemp Married To?

William Lee-Kempis is married to his wife, Jess Wright.

The wedding, which took place on September 9 in Majorca, had three stunning gowns, 12 bridesmaids, a breathtaking church service, and a large feast at a Spanish castle.

“She had a nice look about her,” William told the magazine the first time he saw his bride.

The gown was very stunning, considerably more so than I had imagined. The entire church erupted in laughter. It certainly was a once-in-a-lifetime chance.”

After the wedding was postponed from June, the pair was keen that the big day proceed precisely as planned, with their family and loved ones at their sides.

The wedding party traveled to the Castillo de Bendint in Calvia for the reception after the church service, where Jess changed into a Vivienne Westwood gown.


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