ITV Coronation Street unveils ‘super September’ spoilers with a dramatic exit, new arrival and a huge mistake


Corrie’s boss has revealed what viewers of the ITV soap can expect in the coming weeks

Things may have seemed quiet on the cobbles of Weatherfield of late but all that’s set to change in the next few weeks as Coronation Street bosses unveil its ‘super September’ spoilers.

A dramatic exit, a new arrival and a huge mistake are just a few of the things viewers of the ITV soap can expect in the next few weeks as it appears Corrie has ditched its usual ‘Super Soap Week’ in October for very special sequence coming to screens very soon.

And the Manchester Evening News has got all the Coronation Street gossip from the main man himself, the soap’s producer Iain MacLeod. He has teased all the action to come, including a special Hollywood-inspired exit for Kelly Keelan as they left the Salford-based set to use ‘mindboggling’ technology used for the Avenger films.

So without further ado, here’s what you can expect from the famous street and its residents this autumn:

Stephen’s desperation

Cash-strapped Stephen is already under suspicion from viewers and it appears their fears for his mother Audrey Roberts may be proved right. “He [Stephen, played by Todd Boyce] will continue to get more and more desperate, and more and more dark as the story unfolds,” Iain told the Manchester Evening News and other press.

Speaking about the effect Stephen’s return will have on his mother, Audrey, Iain wasn’t able to soothe viewers’ worries. “I always worry about Audrey, I think any Coronation Street fan should, and do, worry about Audrey, especially because she’s quite fragile at the moment in terms of what we’ve seen on screen recently,” he admitted.

Kelly Neelan’s exit

Millie Gibson has already confirmed that she’s bowed out of the ITV soap as Kelly Neelan after three years and it has given bosses a huge opportunity to pull out all the stops.

It was previously teased that Kelly could finally uncover the truth about killer Gary Windass, and the fact he allowed her dying mother Laura Neelan to take the blame for killing her dad, Rick. And now the soap’s producer Iain MacLeod has revealed that the pair will enter into a ‘Corriewood’ showdown

“It leaves me with a heavy heart to say Kelly’s leaving the show and we thought the fact that Millie is going and therefore Kelly’s going allows us to go really big and do something incredibly high stakes and to get these characters to stand on these landmines with buried for them over the years and will go off in one cataclysmic explosion,” Iain revealed.

And Iain has teased that Kelly and Gary’s story will reach it’s ‘full stop’. “Gary has to retrace his steps back into the forest of doom where he once fought for his life with Kelly’s dad, Rick,” he told us. “It’s really brilliant tying up slash full stop on that story that began with that desperate act from Gary all those years ago.”

Dee Dee Bailey’s arrival

You may have heard her mentioned from time to time and now viewers are finally going to be introduced to Dee Dee Bailey. The daughter of Aggie and Ed, and sister of Michael and James, will make her Weatherfield debut this month, played by Channique Sterling-Brown.

“I love this character. I loved her long before she physically existed, just by the way she was described in the Bailey family,” Iain told us and other media. “But essentially, you can expect a certain amount of chaos. She’s got an incredibly big heart. She’s incredibly competent at her job, but you’d never guess that to meet her.

“Dee Dee works in law and she’s the sort of person that will issue a point-on-point take down of a team of hotshot lawyers to defend her client, but will then turn to leave the courtroom and you’ll realise that she’s done the whole thing with her skirt tucked into her knickers.” He added: “She’s just amped up chaos in every regard, apart from she’s got this incredibly sharp mind. But she’s loads of fun.”

Iain also promised that Dee Dee will be involved in a major storyline, but not one involving a shock secret from her own past. “Whenever you introduce a new character, it’s the default setting to go, ‘And what is her dark secret that she’s concealing when she arrives?’ Ordinarily, that serves you very well,” he said.

“But actually, with this character we thought, ‘Well, I don’t know if I want her to have one’. She’s so exuberant and just seems so bulletproof and impervious to the travails of modern life that she dusts herself down and gets on with it. I didn’t want to discover that she’s got some terrible burden. Actually, it was really refreshing when we all came to that decision, which was, ‘Let’s not do that’. Instead it’s, ‘Oh yeah. She can just be incredibly joyous.'”

Toyah’s trial and a ‘huge mistake’

Facing life in prison for the death of her husband Imran, Toyah is set to reach an ’emotional crisis point’ as her trial approaches. And with former flame Spider Nugent back on the screen, it sounds as though the former councellor will put her trust in the wrong person.


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