ITV This Morning: ‘Bye!’ Rochelle Humes walks off set after Ben Shephard’s joke swipe


The pair were presenting the ITV show in place of Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, who are currently taking on the main bulk of the week. 

They discussed celebrity wines and even got to taste a couple of them.

Rochelle, who said she is partial to a glass of rosé, seemed to be particularly pleased with today’s episode, and even tried to sneak off wth a couple of bottles.

They were lucky enough to taste the best light and floral wines from across the world and the best thing is they are all backed by celebrities. 

Rochelle and Ben got a sip of five different wines and it seemed she was loving it completely. 

As the segment sadly come to an end, Rochelle wanted a little bit more time with the wines.

Ben asked if there was chance for one more tasting as his co-star said: “We haven’t got time!

“But do you know what I’m going to do?” She teased as she grabbed two glasses of wine.

Rochelle said: “I’m gonna go have a lovely time in the break.”

Ben tried to explain how they were going to go to a break and record their tasting of the final wine for the This Morning app, Rochelle ran off camera, shouting: “Bye!”

Earlier on the show, the pair were chatting about the Victoria’s Secret Show, and how there are rumours it will be cancelled due to backlash over the lack of body diversity in the models. 

Ben and Rochelle discussed viewers’ opinions of the whole thing, before the latter said: “Do you know what, none of my friends have that body.

“Sorry to them, but I’m just being honest,” she giggled. 

Ben joked: “That’s a little bit harsh. Some of The Saturdays…” 

Rochelle rolled her eyes and told him not to “start” before continuing to share the rest of their viewers’ opinions. 


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