Jacob Elordi Sister- Jalynn Elordi- Her Age Height Siblings and Instagram


Who Is Jalynn Elordi? Everything To Know About The Sister Of Jacob Elordi
Jalyyn Elordi is the sister of famous actor, Jacob Elordi for the Netflix hits The Kissing Booth and Swinging Safari, as well as the HBO/A24 drama Euphoria. Let us know more about her.
Jalynn Elordi is the younger sister of the famous Netflix star Jacob Ellordi. Miss Elordi was born to John and Melissa Elordi in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia which makes her an aussie.She follows Christianity.
Although being sibling of a famous actor, Jalynn seems to enjoy her private life on her own. She is not involved anywhere near media or publicity either. Jalynn Elordi-Age and Height
Jalynn Elordi being a younger sibling to Jacob Elordi who is 22 years old seems to be in her teenage years as of now.
Similarly, since she is slightly smaller than her brother Jacob, her height range must be in average of 5 feet 8 inches, which is a bit lesser than her brother.
Moreover, her elder sister named Isabella also seems to be a teenaager.Despite that she is already a professional photographer, exclusively taking pictures of her celebrity brother, Jacob. Jalynn Elordi-Family and Sibling
Jalynn Elordi is one of the two younger sisters of a famous netflix star Jacob Elordi. Her parents name are Melissa Elordi and John Elordi.
She has another sister named Isabella Elordi.She was born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Her family supported his brother Jacob throughout the whole journey of his acting carreer.
Viewing through Jacob’s media exposure about his family life, the Ellordi family seems to be a happy and fun family supporting one another in each step of life.
Jalynn Elordi-Instagram
Jalynn Elordi does have a public instagarma acount under the handle jalynnelordi .
She has one single post on her instagram page which is her well-known, famous brother’s picture with caption “Missin my brother”.
Inspite of her own instagram account, Ellordi seems to be inactive on her other social media platforms.She does not have a facebook or twitter account of her own.


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