Katie Price fans horrified as she shows herself having veneers removed


Katie Price fans are horrified by her latest YouTube video.

The mum-of-five, 42, had previously shown a video of having her veneers removed.

And the latest one shows the new ones put in – with just as many gory details.

The former glamour model flew over to Turkey to get his and hers new teeth with new love Carl Woods.

Why did Katie Price get new veneers?

In the video she holds her new veneers before having them put in.

She says: “These are the whitest ones you can get…I wanted them more straight under here.

“I felt my bottom ones stuck out a bit. It’s in my mind because no one else noticed it.”

She added: “I’ve also made them wider.”

She then removed her temporary veneers to reveal her shaved down, natural teeth.

How did fans react to Katie Price?

Katie said: “How awful is that? But you know what – no pain, no gain. If you want to get your teeth done, you have to look like that.”

The dentist then began placing each of her new veneers in one by one.

However, not everybody thought the “pain” is worth it.

Many fans expressed their concerns over the veneer process.

Many said they will never want to have veneers after watching the brutally honest video.

One viewer commented: “The only good thing about sharing this is that most people who watch will never do this to themselves!”

Another viewer agreed with: “Narrr I think I’ll wait till I’m in my 90s till I get false teeth. Why people do this is beyond me! Crazy.”

A third user posted: “At least she’s open and honest about it all, but I’ll stick to my okay, creamy-coloured teeth I think.”


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