Kelvin Fletcher reveals poignant reason behind twin sons’ unusual names


Kelvin Fletcher and wife Liz have revealed the poignant reason behind their twin sons’ unusual names.

The couple, who are already parents to daughter Marnie, five, and son Milo, three, are adjusting to life as a family of six.

The boys arrived a week earlier than expected last month.

And, this week, they’ve finally announced their names and the reason behind them.

Kelvin Fletcher reveals twins’ poignant names

The ex-Emmerdale actor and his wife Liz told Hello! that they had called the boys Maximus Crowther and Mateusz Kelvin.

Maximus was born first, weighing 5lb 15oz. His bigger little brother Mateusz arrived a minute later, weighing in at 6lb 2oz.

“Kelvin wanted to stick with an M theme but I was picking all sorts of different names. If we’d preferred a different name would’ve gone with it,” Liz explained.

Kelvin then revealed the meaning behind the boys’ middle names, with Mateusz being named after his doting dad.

Maximus, meanwhile, pays tribute to Kelvin’s late best friend, Steven.

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He explained: “Crowther is the surname and nickname of my best friend, Steven Crowther, who sadly passed away of a heart attack a few years ago. He was only 39. Me and him were inseparable, like twins.”

Kelvin continued: “In my mind it’s Kelvin and Crowther: Part two. A mini version. I hope Maximus will be like him. He was hilarious, sensitive, just a lovely person.”


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