Kenneth Drury Has Passed Away. What was his cause of Death


Who was Kenneth Drury, and what was his cause of death?

The Flying Squad is a division of London’s Serious Organised Crime Command. The task of the team is to investigate a theft. At first, Detective Chief Inspector Frederick Wensley formed the team on a trial basis. Then, in October 1919, Wensley sent a team of 12 investigators to Scotland Yard. Initially called the Mobile Patrol Experiment, the crew was charged with deploying a waggon with hidden holes in the display screen to patrol and collect information on known thieves and pickpockets.

Under the guidance of then-Commissioner Nevil Macready, it was entirely reorganised in 1920. Irish-born Jeremiah Lynch (1888-1953), who hunted down German spies and focused on German brokers during the war, was among the 12 detectives commanded by Detective Inspector Walter Hambrook. But unfortunately, the case of con artist Horatio Buildbottleley has a bad reputation.

Another explanation of the name “Flying Squad” is that the primary vehicles were renovated Crossley Motors 20/25 tenders, formerly employed by the Royal Flying Corps and given to the Metropolitan Police in 1920.

During the 1920s, the squad was standardized and expanded, and when Detective Chief Inspector Fred “Nutty” Sharpe left in July 1937, the force was increased to 40 officers. The squad was augmented and given CO (C.8) by the Commissioner’s Office Crime 8 in 1948. She made 1,000 arrests in a year for the first time in 1956.

Because the Mobile Patrol Experiment is approved to continue operating anywhere within the Metropolitan Police District, its officers are not required to observe the Division, thus the name Flying Squad, because the unit operates within the confines of London without intruding on the Divisional Police District’s boundaries.

Kenneth Drury’s Death Cause

The squad was renamed the Central Heist Squad in 1978, and it remained that way until 1981, yet the squad is still known as The Flying Squad. On July 7, 1977, many scandals involving corruption and bribery were discovered. The Detective Chief Superintendent, Kenneth Drury, was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison for involvement in five corruption cases. Twelve other detectives were convicted and fired in addition to Kenneth Drury.


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