Kym Marsh appears to mock her sex tape during birthday celebrations


Kym Marsh has appeared to poke fun at her sex tape ordeal during her recent birthday celebrations.

The Coronation Street actress turned 43 on Thursday (June 13), and partied with friends and family to mark the occasion.

And in an Instagram story posted by friend Ben Perryman – former boyfriend of Kym‘s co-star Rob Mallard – Kym can be seen clearly struggling to blow out her one candle on the cake.

To be fair, it’s more like a mini-rocket!

Celebrating at Lorenzo Restaurant in Warrington, Kym can be seen laughing and joking as those gathered around her sang ‘Happy Birthday To You’.

However, when the singing stopped and it was Kym’s turn to blow out the huge candle, she was unable to.

In the background, her friends can be heard shouting: “Blow harder

Kym has obviously learnt to laugh about her infamous sex tape, but three years ago it was a different matter.

In 2016, Kym was gutted when someone attempted to sell an intimate video and pictures of her.

The person selling the pornographic images wanted £30,000 for the 57-second long clip.

Kym launched a police investigation, calling it the “worst week of my life”.

She told The Sun at the time: “As you can imagine, I felt immediately sick to my stomach and was extremely upset – it’s been devastating for me and my family.

“It’s been one of the worst weeks of my life and I won’t rest until the person is caught.”

Kym, who recently became a grandmother for the first time, will be leaving the ITV soap later this year.

In February, the actress and former Hear’Say star announced she had quit the soap after 13 years.

Happy Birthday, Kym, looks like a fun night!

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